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Mat Tam Photography
Boston Family Photographer
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: (781) 552-0624
Email: info@mattamphotography.com

Mat Tam Photography is an on location Boston Family Photographer, Children Photographer, Maternity Photographer, Wedding Proposal Photographer and Engagement Photographer and Newborn Photographer.

Mat Tam is a professional Boston family photographer from Boston, MA, specializing in exquisite and unique shoots for children, families, maternity, wedding proposals, and newborn. What makes Mat’s photography different? With a special flair for natural lighting and a sharp eye for surroundings, Mat strives to make every single shot a reflection of the surrounding mood and overall experience, capturing the essence of life in each moment, and each photo.
When you choose Mat Tam Photography, you’ll also only pay for what you love! Because Mat is so confident in his work and is sure you’ll love each and every picture, there is no session fee required when you book, and you’ll only pay if you are happy with the photos. If you live in Boston or a surrounding area, consider Mat Tam as your Boston family photographer for your next portrait session, and experience a stress-free, one of a kind photo shoot that will offer you beautiful pictures and memories to last a lifetime.
Please, have a look around the site to learn more about Mat, and check out some past shoots to get a better idea of his style and work. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form.

Boston Family Photographer

The family grows up fast right in front of our eyes. This is why many people sought for family photographers to help capture those precious moments in their lives. To freeze those happy memories within a family at a certain time. Because photos will last a lifetime.

Many families choose to have their family portraits taken every year. Hanging those photos on the wall in their house remind them of the moments in their past. What their kids look like 10 years ago. That ugly sweater that dad bought for each of the family members. Those will all become some of the greatest memories of the family.

Hiring a Boston family photographer can often be a difficult task as it is difficult to sort through thousands of photographer available. Sorting through pages of Yelp reviews on photographers around me. Or searching on google for the best family photographer. It is often time an overwhelming task to find the perfect family photographer based on reviews. That is why often times families look for the recommendation from their friends and family on which family photographer to hire. That is why I really appreciate those previous clients who recommend Mat Tam Photography to their friends and family.

Candid family photos are Mat Tam’s style. Creating joyful and natural happy photos. Family photos look the best when everyone is happy. Which is why Mat always make his photo sessions fun for the kids! When the children are having fun at the photoshoot they will perform their best and most natural faces. It is such a joy at the end of the day to look at those photos and make a connection to those moments that Mat was part of. Instead of making my client poses and smiling unnaturally, Mat makes them play among themselves. While capturing those moments that they are playing among themselves. And when the family is most at ease, Mat will turn their focus to the camera. It is this process that produces some of the most happily natural candid photography.

What makes Mat Tam’s Boston family photography different than the rest of photographers? He is genuinely delighted to be part of the family. Mat loves to work for kids. Kids love Mat. The bonding between Mat and his clients shows in his work. You can tell that connection when looking at the photos. The family is immersed into the experience and not into just another photo session. But something that the family enjoys and is happy to tell their friends about.

As a Boston Family Photographer, my goal is to help every family in Boston capture their memories and enjoy the photos for a lifetime.

The first thing that people ask about when selecting a photographer is their rate. Many photographers have a very difficult to understand pricing model. However, as I have hired photographer myself, I understand the need of someone who is looking to hire a photographer. Therefore, creating an easy to understand pricing model was my ultimate goal. I charge one flat rate for my family portrait session which includes the digital files, all edited photos. Additionally, there is no cost for someone until they have seen the editing photos. Payment is only made once they are satisfied and happy with their family photos.

Getting to know the family that I am photographing has been a key to my success. That is why I ask for a family photo and names during the booking process. Names are the most important word to a person. By getting kid’s name during the first encounter Mat has created trust between them. Perhaps it is this trust that creates the most candid look in his photography work. Often times these bonds will create a photography client for a lifetime for Mat Tam Photography.

Trust. It is this that people looking for a Boston family photographer hire Mat Tam Photography. They believe in the work that I produce and like what they saw in my portfolio. While some look for best prices available. Some people look for the style of family photography that the photographer uses. There is a photographer that specializes in candid photos, some specialize in posed shots. I consider myself as somewhere in between. I believe a mixture of candid and posed shots are the best balance between both worlds. While having some posed shots is great for putting in the photo frame. Candid shots are great for displaying as a piece of art. The best photography allows a person to look at a photo and emerge into that specific moment and feel the sense during that time.

Hiring a Boston family photographer can be a difficult task. But it doesn’t have to be. List out all your requirements. Photography Style, Their Specialty, Reviews and Recommendation, and Cost. Based on the requirements determine and eliminate anyone who might not satisfy your needs. Come down with a few family photographers of choices and give them a call! Talk to them and ask questions. Find a boston family photographer that you click with. Enjoy the moment and may your family memories last forever.

Children Photographer Boston

Children are the center of a family. Children are what makes a family a family. It is that reason that it is important to capture those special moments as your kid grows old. Those pictures of your child will become a time and record of what they look like in the past. Children photography is an art, to be able to capture the beautiful side of a kid. Their emotions and laughers will show within an image.

Unlike taking photos of a newborn, Children will run around and not stand still for you to photograph. Therefore I always coordinate with the parents on activities that the child can do during the photo shoot. The activity is a way for the kid to focus on something they enjoy doing. Hence giving more opportunity for Mat Tam (Boston Family Photographer) to capture the child in their most focused moment. Those activities can range from throwing a ball or playing their miniature trains, it creates opportunities for candid children photos.

Children Photoshoot location is an important thing to consider when planning a photo session. It is important to find a location that your child feels at ease. Somewhere that they have been to and happy to be at. Like a nearby park that they always play at. This location will allow the kid to relax and be engaged in the photoshoot instead of trying to figure out the environment.

When scheduling your child’s photo session think about what time work best for them. Children have nap time and most active time. Planning a kid photo shoot around their most active time will result in the best results. That is why at Mat Tam Photography a Boston family photographer one of the first things that Mat asks his clients regarding is what time their kids are most active. Then they plan around those time for the photo session. As a Boston Children Photographer Mat strives to provide his clients with the best photos possible, something his clients will be proud of, something his clients will want to share with others.

As a Boston children photographer, it is important to help the kids build confidence. Because confidence in kids equals to better photographs. Mat does this by telling his young subjects how brilliant they look, how great of a job they are doing. And by constantly sharing the little display at the back of the camera with the kids. You can often see a smile light up on the kid’s face when they see their photo. The sense of confidence in them will make the photo shoot much more relaxed.

Parents at a child photoshoot can often create tension as parents want their kids to pose and smile. That is not the way Mat’s photography work. Mat will often tell the parents to sit aside and let him do the work. By empowering the kid, the child will possess more naturally and happily in front of the camera. Parents get to relax and when they join together for their family portrait everyone is happy and the results speaks for themselves in the family gallery.

In order to capture the most natural looks of children photography, Mat will get down to the kid’s eye level. Being on the same eye level of the child creates a different look. You start to see the world a whole lot different. It also makes myself less intimidating to the children. Being at the same eye level as the child also make the child more interested in what I am doing. Providing more opportunity to shoot in a relaxed state.

Finding and hiring a Boston children photographer can be a difficult task but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what you are looking for in your child photographer. The style, the personality, the location, the budget can help with finding your next photographer. If you still consider who will be your next Boston Children’s Photographer give Mat Tam Photography a call and determine yourself if he is what you are looking for.

Maternity Photographer

As a Boston Maternity Photographer Mat always look to create the best possible image of a mother to be. A pregnancy lasts for 38 weeks, during this time a woman goes through a transformational change. Many women look for Boston maternity photographer to help capture this important and memorable moment in their life.

Find the right location for pregnancy photos is the first important step. Unlike other photoshoots, it is especially important to find a location with fewer people around. This will allow the mother-to-be be at their ease without worry about how other people look at them. Taking Maternity photos at the client’s home is a popular choice. As this is the place that allows them to be most relaxed.

Pregnancy photo session can be a difficult time for the mother. As they are worried about their looks on camera. It is why I put the most emphasis in ensuring I help her feel beautiful from the moment we meet. By complimenting her dress and shoes. And during the photo session complimenting her of the photos. Immediately sharing some of the work from the camera which will give her confidence of how she looks in from the of the camera.

Maternity photography is a memory of a lifetime for two people. That is why at Mat Tam Photography Mat always try and incorporate the husband in his work. Capturing the intimacy between the two people sharing the moment. You can see from his photography work the love between the couple. It is something words cannot describe.

Maternity photo is a time to celebrate family. When planning a maternity photo session Mat will consider the other family members and create a unique way to showcase the best of the pregnancy and family combined.

This special time in life only lasts a short period of time in life. It is important to plan ahead and decide if maternity photos are something you want. And if pregnancy photo is what you are looking for then look no further and check out Mat Tam Photography’s Maternity Profile.

Wedding Proposal Photographer

Wedding Proposal is a once in a lifetime moment that often lasts for seconds. It is this reason that so many people look for wedding proposal photographer to capture this special moment.

As a Boston proposal photographer Mat has many experiences working with people who are planning their proposal. When hiring a photographer to capture the proposal, it adds more planning to the proposal. Time, Place, People, etc. Everything needs to flow flawlessly to ensure that this special moment is not missed. That is why Mat go through a very detail planning. First, Mat likes to put faces and names together. Which will help identify the couple in the streets? Secondly, the location and where to stand. Because capturing the proposal is all about the split seconds of emotions it is important that Mat can see the significant other’s face as they are being proposed to. And finally the timing. Being a second late for a proposal is unacceptable as a proposal photographer. But in a natural environment without feeling things were planned, the timing of a proposal can vary in time even if the time were previously agreed upon. That is why Mat has his client text him when they are on their way to the agreed location. Ensuring nothing will be missed.

Those proposal images that Mat captures have brought tears in his client’s eyes. Bringing those split seconds emotions back into life and freezing them forever.

Wedding Proposal is an intimate time between two people. As a Boston proposal photographer, I understand the need for privacy during this intimate moment. Which is why I always prepare to blend into the environment. Whether that will be hiding behind bushes, or sitting on the bench like a local or pretending to be taking photos of the birds nearby. Only when the moment is right do I reveal myself and be able to capture the couple from a closer view.

If you are planning to propose and is considering if you should hire a Boston proposal photographer. Do consider Mat Tam Photography – Boston Family Photographer as your go to the photographer. Talk to him and determine if he is right for you.

Boston Engagement Photographer

There is no other time when you need photos to display to a large crowd, but Engagement Photos does. Engagement session photos serve multiple purposes. Save the date card is a common postcard that people send to their guest list to reserve the date on their calendar for their wedding. It is this that requires a professional engagement photo on the front of the post card. The different layout provides different opportunity to display their engagement photos. Some cards layout requires multiple photos, which is best with a series of photos.

While planning for engagement photo session, Mat will ask his clients whether or not they are planning to use the photos for a save the date card. By looking at their card ideas, the engagement photo session can then be planned to incorporate those required photos.

Another need for engagement photos is for display at the wedding. It has become a norm for couples to display their engagement photographs at the reception area. Printing photo books for guest to flip through during the wedding and used as a signature book for the guests.

What is more important is the after the wedding these display of art will be reused in the house. Art pieces that can fill the wall. Memories of a lifetime between a couple.

When selecting a Boston engagement photographer it is important to find a photographer that has your desired portfolio. It is easier to find a photographer that fits your need than to try and change a photographer’s style to your needs. Knowing your needs and your goal helps the process of finding a Boston engagement photographer.

One of the most iconic places for engagement photography is Boston is Acorn St and Boston Commons. Which is why as I photographer I always suggest this location to clients. Acorn St provides a distinct Boston background with the stone ground and bricks row townhouses. The American flag that stands out creates an iconic memory of Boston. If you are looking for an engagement photographer for your needs, do consider all the pros and cons of your selected photographers. Engagement photos don’t have to be a stressful one, let Mat Tam Photography a Boston Family Photographer help you with your Boston engagement photography needs.

Newborn Photographer based in Boston area

Newborn photography helps parents capture the beginning of a new life. Mat provides his experiences as a photographer to a family who is looking for newborn photos. Taking cute newborn photos requires a patience photographer, Mat ensures that the child is safe and uninterrupted. Ensuring the best atmosphere for best baby pictures.

Babies grow faster than we can imagine. In the span of over one year newborn becomes little toddler that can walk and run around. Therefore, it is important to hire a Boston newborn photographer to capture that very special stage of your child’s life.

Let Mat Tam Photography help fulfill your photography needs. Freeze those happy family memories which will last a lifetime.

Mat Tam Photography also serves towns around Boston Area includes but not limited to: Acton; Andover; Arlington; Auburndale; Bedford; Belmont; Boston; Boxford; Burlington; Brookline; Carlisle; Cambridge; Chestnut Hill; Chelmsford; Concord; Dover; Hanscom Air Force Base; Lexington; Lincoln; Littleton; Manchester-by-the-Sea; Medford; Middlesex County MA; Natick; Newton; Newton Centre; Newton Highlands; Newton Lower Falls; Needham; Newtonville; North Shore MA; Reading; Somerville; Sherborn; Sudbury; Stoneham; Waban; Wayland; Waltham; Watertown; West Newton; Wellesley; Westford; Westwood; Weston; Wilmington; Woburn; Winchester

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Mat Tam Photography
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