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Boston Family Portrait Photographer Mat Tam Photography

Boston Family Portrait Photographer

My name is Matthew Tam, and I am proud to be an on-location, professional photographer based in beautiful Boston, MA. I’ve had a deep passion for photography, and capturing life’s natural beauty since I was a teenager, and picked up my first camera. After shooting landscapes for years, in awe of the world around me, I decided to dive into portraits photography. I find people absolutely fascinating, and find beauty in every single person. 

You’ll still see aspects of my love of landscapes in everything I do, which is why I focus my portraits on using natural lighting, and beautiful backdrops. This makes it so much easier not only to take a quality portrait, but to actually capture a moment. Mother Nature provides a more beautiful background than any studio ever could, and I like to take advantage of that as much as I possibly can. 

Because I’m an on-location photographer, I’ve also been lucky enough to see many of Boston’s best sights and locations, and am always willing to travel around the area to find the perfect backdrop for your photos in whatever location you’d like! 

I pride myself on my work, and to prove that point, I never charge a session fee for my photo shoots. Instead, I allow all of my clients to hand-select every single photo from the shoot that they like, and purchase those, instead of having to go through packages, etc. Photography is a passion, and it should be shared, so I’m happy to offer my services in this way. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer in the Boston area, I would love to work with you!