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4 Month Old Family Photo

4 month old girl photos session at shannon beach in Winchester, MA with parents. Family photo. With dad and Mum. sitting down shot. Laughing

4 Month Old Family Photo at Winchester, MA


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One Year Old Photoshoot in Burlington MA | Burlington Family Photography

Burlington Family Photography

Burlington Family Photographer • Family Photographer based in Burlington

It is my strongest belief that the family is one of the most important bonds in a child’s life. From the moment they are born until the end, family is there for them to help them grow, learn and change into the loving adults they will someday be. Therefore, I want to showcase the love between members of the family by capturing photos of them in their natural habitat, so to speak. I am a family photographer based in Burlington, my passion is to create valuable photographs that bring to life the love of the family.





I enjoy starting out my shoot from inside of the family home. Be it the child’s play room, the family’s shared living space such as a den or living room or even a casual space such a staircase, it is important. The reason for this is because much of the family’s lives will center around this location, so creating lifelong memories and photographing them is an important tool in sparking precious memories upon viewing the photos as the child ages. Not only this, I have come to learn that children are most comfortable in their own environment, leaving them free to be themselves before the camera. This includes playing, laughing, eating–all things that are done on a day-to-day basis.



On top of the family home, I choose other simple but beautiful locations like the family’s backyard for a backdrop, too. I like these locations because they are casual yet gorgeous and, again, give the child freedom to feel comfortable and play before the camera. Aside from solo shots, I like to get photos of the family enjoying some fun in the sun together as well.



After many candid shots of both the child alone and the family together, I enjoy posing some photographs for them as well to be used as photos to send to the other family members who maybe don’t get a chance to see the family often. My passion is providing cherished memories for everyone’s lives that the family in question has touched.



In  my time as a family photographer Burlington clients trust, I have realized that capturing these sorts of moments on film has become, perhaps, my greatest passion. If you would like me to bring my love of family to capture yours, you can reach me by PHONE/EMAIL.





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Baby Boy Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA

Baby Boy’s Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA Baby Photographer

Boston Baby Photography • Family Portrait Photographer Boston MA

Baby and family photos are more than just pictures; they capture precious moments in time. Over the years, the photos bring families back to the days of the past, allowing for reflection and reminiscing. That’s why it’s important for me as a Boston baby photographer to take pictures that don’t just show how a baby or a family looks. My goal with every photo shoot is to take shots that reflect who my clients are. As you can see from these precious family photos, my work tells a story that parents can look back on fondly for years to come and that the children and adults that babies grow into can look upon with wonder to learn about when they were young.
While studio shoots can produce attractive family and baby photos, I love to take my clients outdoors for shoots. As a Boston baby photographer, I have discovered a number of beautiful spots that have picturesque scenery that makes for stunning images. When choosing locations, I’m careful to pick places that have picturesque scenery that will add beauty to my subjects without detracting attention away from them. I also look for places that will provide opportunities for different types of poses like the grassy shots and the staircase shots featured in this gallery.
Taking baby photos requires patience and keen attention. You can’t instruct an infant to pose the way you can an adult, so I make sure to stay at the ready to capture those precious moments that happen naturally. I love to allow babies to just be babies and to let families play and have fun while I observe through the camera lens. This allows me to catch moments that otherwise would never end up in family photos, making my work more than just neatly posed portraits taken in a studio.
When you’re photographing babies for family photos every facial expression can make for a memorable photo. Many parents fret about their children being fussy, but as you can see from the baby photos in this gallery, upset and pouty faces can make for incredible pictures. No baby smiles every moment of the day, and I always tell my clients that one day they’ll want to remember those frowns and looks of surprise as much as they do the wide adorable grins.
To get the best family and baby photos possible, I approach shoots with a laid-back, relaxed attitude. When I’m at ease, my clients are at ease as well and better able to be themselves in front of the camera. My ultimate goal is to make the photo shoot a fun, pleasant experience for everyone, so that my camera is able to capture truly fond memories of a special day.
I take a variety of images of baby alone and with Mom and Dad, giving my clients a wealth of options to choose from when ordering prints, creating holiday cards and more. For more information about my family photography and baby photo shoots, please contact me by PHONE/EMAIL.

updated 9/4/2017



Baby and Family Photography

Newborn Photography | Boston MA

Great Brook Farm State Park | Family Portrait Photographer



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Extended Family Photography

Extended Family Portrait | Artesani Park, Boston

Large Group Family Photography • Boston Family Portrait Photographer  

I’m Mat, and I’m a Portrait Photographer that specializes in Family Photography, Children Portraits, Senior Portraits, Surprise Proposal and Engagement Photography. And I must say that all of them have their own unique and special magic. That’s the reason why I left Landscape Photography, which I was very passionate about, and turned into a Photographer that loves to be close to people in the happiest moments of their lives.
More than fifteen years of passion run through my veins when I talk about my own photography, and I still get that magnificent and inexplicable thrill, when shooting a family photography photo session like the Elena’s 80th Birthday. Family photography is something I enjoy doing both, outdoors and inside the comfy air of a house. The best reason I can give for my love for family portraits, is that for a short amount of time, I can share the intimacy of a warm family that want to leave a mark on their own timeline. I love to get involved in the ideas behind unique family photos, since I’m deeply passionate over photography. Planning is the key for great shoots, and extended family pictures are definitely no exception to this element.
I want to thank Elena and her family; not just for giving me the great opportunity to share with them a warm moment on a chilly weekend morning, but for their trust. The trust that all my clients put in my work, is something I value the most.

All families have their own history, and I feel hoisted into a great place when helping that family history, be preserved. I’m more than just a group portrait photographer when I’m surrounded by complete families, filled with second, third and even fourth generations in one special place. I really become a special guest, a special friend then being part of a Family Portrait like the ones Elena’s family allowed me to do. I love to showcase my experiences with my clients, but I call them clients because of tradition. In a way, I’m a guest, an honorable guest invited to be part of a whole family’s history.

The idea behind Elena’s 80th birthday was simple, but completely rewarding. The scene was a lovely woods by Charles River, and the only detail that reveals her Birthday, were two metallic balloons shaped in a cute and big number 80 with their golden figures and a sign with colored letters. After putting the balloons and the sign aside, the family became even closer than before. It was magical. I still remember when the whole family started to laugh together, and became joyful of the moment they were celebrating. They all showed their love for Elena, and I could see Elena’s joy of watching her family getting along so happily. Elena was surrounded by her children and grandchildren, and she seemed so full of life, by being surrounded by her closest family members.

I just can’t thank Elena, and all my clients enough, because they allow me, to be the one that preserves their History, and their Legacy, through my Passion and my Lens.



Boston Family Portrait Photos | Arlington

Great Brook Farm State Park | Family Portrait Photographer

Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA |

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Baby and Family Photography

Baby and Family Photography | Boston Common | Boston MA

One Year Old Portrait • Family Portraits Photography

Tiny toes and tiny fingers; these are simply the best and most precious newborn moments that you would want to cherish forever. Mat Tam a Boston family portrait photographer and his true passion in photography can accommodate your schedules. As an on-location photographer there is no longer a need to pack all your belongings and take your child out of the comforts of your home to go to the studio.

As a Boston Family Photographer, he brings the studio to you at your location. He also makes use of a traditional and casual style. And, he captures the candid moments that show the real side of you and your baby. With natural lighting added on the background, you are most assured that your special moments with your baby will be captured the best way possible.

You and your baby’s personalities are important to us. And thus, I will help you express that in your shoot. I also further encourage you to incorporate some special items like custom outfit, quilt, family heirloom and more in making the image unique and special to you as an individual.

Boston Family Photographer for that Precious and Fleeting Time of your Baby

Childhood is truly a precious and fleeting time for you as a parent. But, children and babies do not have the means to keep these memories. Through my photographs, you get the most wonderful memories that can last for a lifetime.

The benefit of having me to handle your Family Photography is that Moms and Dads can relax and sit for a while. I can also entertain your little ones and get them to giggle and chat. This way, I can bring out their unique and true personalities.

Baby Photographer to Capture the Essence in Fine and Beautiful Art Photographs

Mat Tam is the baby photographer that can capture the essence in fine and beautiful photographs. Due to the reason that newborn babies are simply perfect, tiny and beautiful for a short time, Mat Tam takes prides on being able to capture them. You may browse through the list of baby pictures as your source of motivation and inspiration.

There is also no need to contest the fact that Mat Tam is the best and most recognized baby photographer to rely on. Creating a giggle-filled and enjoyable experience, you also enjoy it getting the most stunning portraits of the highest quality.

With creative perspectives being a baby photographer, you can also recognize him for his newest and freshest styles. You can now celebrate the joy and love of families by hiring a baby photographer to fulfill your requests. You can easily reach me from all over Boston and beyond.

If you are still considering hiring a Boston family portrait photographer, contact me now with any questions and I am happy to answer any questions.  Let me capture all of your special and unique moments together!

updated 9/4/2017



family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography baby-photography-family-portrait-boston-common boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common family-portrait-boston-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography one-year-old-photoshoot family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography one-year-old family-portrait-boston-common-baby-photography





Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA |

Baby Boy Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA

Great Brook Farm State Park | Family Portrait Photographer

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