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Welcome! As Burlington, MA’s premier family photographer, I specialize in capturing candid and fun moments. Let’s create beautiful memories together!

“As your family photographer, my top priority is capturing those candid, fun moments that truly matter. I believe in freezing these authentic memories, allowing you to cherish the raw joy and love within your family for years to come.” 

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Burlington MA Family Photographer

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Life's most cherished moments deserve to be preserved

Milestones come and go, leaving behind a trail of missed memories. Lost moments accumulate, leading to the regret of unrecorded joy. With each passing day, the weight of these unfrozen experiences can grow heavier.

Mark the milestones: Maternity | NewBorn | First Birthday

Capture life's cherished moments with a family photographer. From birthdays to graduations, they transform milestones into lasting memories. Freeze time, relive joy, love, and connections that define your journey.

Cherish Every Candid Moment: Hire a Family Photographer Today

Preserve your family's story with a experienced photographer. Capture moments that last a lifetime.

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Hi! I'm Mat

As a passionate family photographer based in Burlington, MA, I’m dedicated to capturing the genuine moments of joy and connection that make your family unique. With a candid and fun approach, I turn everyday memories into timeless treasures you’ll cherish forever.

Frequently asked questions

Responsive FAQ Section
How much do you charge?
My rates are always displayed in my pricing page.
When can I expect my photos?
I always do my very best to deliver your photos as quickly as possible! You can expect the edited photos in 2 weeks after our session.
Do you travel?
I'm based in Burlington MA but would be happy to travel to any location for a session! Travel fees may apply depending on the distance.

Here is a list of towns that do not have travel fee:
Burlington, MA
Lexington, MA
Bedford, MA
Winchester, MA
Woburn, MA
Arlington, MA
How many images do we get in our unlimited photo package?
The number of photos varies depends on how fast we work together. The faster we work together the more photos we can produce. In a typical 1-hour photo session with a family of 4 with 2 young kids, you will have 50-100 edited photos.
How do I prepare for a family photoshoot?
  1. Plan Your Outfits: Avoids matching colors. Solid color clothing without graphics or patterns. The goal is have the eyes focus on the face when looking at the photo.
  2. Plan and prepare ahead of time: Make sure everything you need for the photo session is packed and ready to go the day before. Bring along snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy.
  3. Snack: Pack some of your kid’s favorite snacks. High value snacks like candy or chocolate works great when we need extra attention.
  4. Make sure all the kids are well rested: Avoid booking a session during their nap times if possible.
  5. Playtime: Let the kids have some fun! I strive to capture candid moments that highlight joy and happiness.
Are professional family photos worth it?

As a family photographer, I truly believe that professional family photos are worth every penny, and here's why:

  1. Everyone's in the Frame: When families take photos, usually one person (the one who takes the photo) is left out. But when you hire a professional like me, everyone gets to be in the picture. No one has to play photographer, and you'll have a complete family portrait.
  2. Top-Notch Quality: With my skills, experience, and professional equipment, I can capture high-quality photos that might be hard to achieve on your own.
  3. Memory Making: Family photos are more than just pictures; they're memories frozen in time. As years go by, you'll appreciate having these precious moments captured.
  4. Expertise at Work: As a professional photographer, I know how to work with different lighting conditions, choose the best poses, and bring out the best in each family member.
  5. Convenience: With me handling the camera and post-shoot editing, you won't have to worry about any of that. You just enjoy the moment!
  6. Artistic Touch: My candid, fun, and happy style brings an artistic touch to the photos. They're not just snapshots; they're pieces of art that reflect your family's unique dynamic.

So yes, while there is a cost associated with hiring a professional photographer like me, the beautiful memories captured in the photos make it an investment worth making.

What is the best time for family photography?

The best time for family photography largely depends on the type of photos you want and the ages of your family members. However, here are some general tips:

  1. Golden Hour: Many photographers swear by the "golden hour," which is the hour after sunrise or before sunset. The lighting during these times is soft and warm, which can result in beautiful photos.
  2. Consider Your Family's Schedule: If you have young children, it might be best to schedule the photo shoot during their happiest times of the day, usually after a meal or a nap.
  3. Seasons Matter: The best season for your family photos can depend on your location and personal preference. Each season offers a unique backdrop - spring offers blooming flowers, summer has bright, vibrant colors, fall provides beautiful foliage, and winter can give a cozy, bundled-up vibe.
  4. Indoor Shoots: If you're doing an indoor shoot, you have more flexibility with timing. However, if possible, try to schedule the shoot during the day when there's plenty of natural light.

Remember, the most important thing is that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. Happy faces make for the best photos!

How many years of experience do you have?
I have over 25 years of photography experience. Mat Tam Photography was started in 2015.