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Thank you for stopping by my website.  Photography has a deep connection with who I am.  Ever since I was a kid I always had a camera by my side.  It has been my hobby and my passion to photograph beautiful things I see in life.  And I would like to share my passion with you through the images that we’ll create together.  


I am proud to be an on-location, family photographer based in beautiful Boston, MA. I’ve had a deep passion for photography, and capturing life’s natural beauty since I was a teenager, and picked up my first camera. After shooting landscapes for years, in awe of the world around me, I decided to dive into family photography. I find people absolutely fascinating, and find beauty in every single person.


Family Photography is something that I love doing.  You can expect a relaxed and enjoyable photo session.  Kids will be having fun and enjoying themselves.  Having a great time is what we should strive for.  You and your family will also look the best when everyone is having a great time.  

To create a personal experience I will remember everyone’s name before the photoshoot.  To the kid’s surprise I would know their name before we even meet.  It is this that helps me bond with the kids, and create a unique down to earth photo shoots with children photography.  I like to run and play with the kids during the photo session, Happy Kids, Great Photos.  

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Photographs is capturing the beautiful image as it plays out on its own.  Which is my preferred style of photography.  I understand the need of posed shots for those posed family photos.  Posed shots are the photographs that families frames and display in their house.  With posed photo I try to create the most original photo the situation allows.  Before every photoshoot I always look for ideas that can be incorporated into that location and the group.  Creating pieces of posed family photos that family will be proud of hanging in their living rooms.


Taking photos of families when they are not paying attention to me is one of the most beautiful things.  Capturing the candid moment of kids playing with their parents, or having a snack on the picnic table.  Freezing the moment like the way I see it happens.  These are the photos you would imagine comes out of a magazine.  Like in this photo, dad and son walking in a park.  Dad was carry his son and enjoying this moment together.  It brings a sense of emotion to a stranger looking at the photograph.  And for the father and son, they will always be able to look at the photo and remember that day in the park forever.

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Besides having an artistic eye, I have a genuine yet personable personality.  Hiring a family photographer is more than just someone snapping a few photographs.  Creating a fun experience for the kids and the whole family is what you can experience when hiring me.  From the first inquire to receiving the final imagines, I am here for any questions or concerns.  Ensuring that the kids are having a good time is my top priority, as I understand happy kids happy parents.  

I hope to share my passion for portrait photography with you in your coming family photo session.  


“Photo-shoot with Mat was wonderful! We were looking for guidance and direction from him and he came prepared with shots in mind that he wanted to achieve.  He worked very hard to get results with a 3 year old and 8 month old– not an easy feat.  We got more comfortable as the shoot went on and got some of the best images of the girls when we were on “break” and everyone was just doing their own thing.  The most amazing thing was that he returned our images all edited the same day!!! Very affordable (included all digital images in his pricing) compared with other photographers in the area and I am confident that I am just as happy if not more satisfied then going with a photographer double the price.  Nice job Mat!”

— Sarah K, yelp review


“I hope to share my passion for portrait photography

with you in your coming family photo session.” Mat Tam