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Baby Boy Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA

Baby Boy’s Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA Baby Photographer

Boston Baby Photography • Family Portrait Photographer Boston MA

Baby and family photos are more than just pictures; they capture precious moments in time. Over the years, the photos bring families back to the days of the past, allowing for reflection and reminiscing. That's why it's important for me as a Boston baby photographer to take pictures that don't just show how a baby or a family looks. My goal with every photo shoot is to take shots that reflect who my clients are. As you can see from these precious family photos, my work tells a story that parents can look back on fondly for years to come and that the children and adults that babies grow into can look upon with wonder to learn about when they were young.
While studio shoots can produce attractive family and baby photos, I love to take my clients outdoors for shoots. As a Boston baby photographer, I have discovered a number of beautiful spots that have picturesque scenery that makes for stunning images. When choosing locations, I'm careful to pick places that have picturesque scenery that will add beauty to my subjects without detracting attention away from them. I also look for places that will provide opportunities for different types of poses like the grassy shots and the staircase shots featured in this gallery.
Taking baby photos requires patience and keen attention. You can't instruct an infant to pose the way you can an adult, so I make sure to stay at the ready to capture those precious moments that happen naturally. I love to allow babies to just be babies and to let families play and have fun while I observe through the camera lens. This allows me to catch moments that otherwise would never end up in family photos, making my work more than just neatly posed portraits taken in a studio.
When you're photographing babies for family photos every facial expression can make for a memorable photo. Many parents fret about their children being fussy, but as you can see from the baby photos in this gallery, upset and pouty faces can make for incredible pictures. No baby smiles every moment of the day, and I always tell my clients that one day they'll want to remember those frowns and looks of surprise as much as they do the wide adorable grins.
To get the best family and baby photos possible, I approach shoots with a laid-back, relaxed attitude. When I'm at ease, my clients are at ease as well and better able to be themselves in front of the camera. My ultimate goal is to make the photo shoot a fun, pleasant experience for everyone, so that my camera is able to capture truly fond memories of a special day.
I take a variety of images of baby alone and with Mom and Dad, giving my clients a wealth of options to choose from when ordering prints, creating holiday cards and more. For more information about my family photography and baby photo shoots, please contact me by PHONE/EMAIL.

updated 9/4/2017

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