[17 Benefits] of Hiring a Boston Proposal Planner


You decide to propose and settle on a ring. But suddenly, you’re struck with the realization that a successful proposal takes much more than these two decisions.

What will you say when you propose? Where will you do it? Now that you’re thinking about it, asking in the middle of a busy restaurant, shouting the question over a few pricey desserts, doesn’t sound so great after all.

Enter the Boston proposal planner. Here are 17 reasons why hiring a proposal planner will help you exceed expectations for the big day before The Big Day.


1. A Boston Proposal Planner knows their way around.


A lot of prospective fiancés know what type of setting they’d like but are unaware of the best spots to choose. Would Acorn Street be best for a winter wonderland backdrop in Boston, or is that an optimal autumn location?

Boston’s best proposal locations include piers, parks, public gardens, and more. Your proposal planner will help you choose using their knowledge of seasonal scenery, tourist traffic, and more. When it comes to proposal locations, even locals could use a little insider knowledge.


2. It will inspire you.


It’s natural to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, or you’re being pulled in too many directions. Let a proposal planner take the reins. You’ll get all sorts of inspiration to build off of their ideas.

And who knows? In the process, you just might find the perfect wedding venue.


3. Planning makes it extra special.


Are you feeling the pressure to get this right? Are you bogged down by the expectation that your proposal must somehow be extraordinary, but you have no idea what that really means?

Planned, coordinated proposals almost always feel more special than spontaneous, average-day proposals. If you want your proposal to be unforgettable, plan it out with a pro.


4. You won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.


So, you had a poem you meant to read to your partner during the main event. However, you left it behind because you were too concerned about the ring, your outfit, the weather, and everything else. A Boston proposal planner covers you in instances like these.


5. It’s safer than asking a friend or family member.


The most awesome proposals include two or more people working together. Often, they have to keep it all under wraps until the ring comes out. Is your secret safe with your partner’s best friend, mother, or coworkers? Despite the best intentions, their excitement can end up spoiling the whole event. If you want to keep the proposal a surprise, collaborate with a proposal planner.

Start Your Proposal Planning Today


6. No stress.


When you look back on this day, years from now, how do you want to reflect on it? Hopefully, it won’t be, “I’m glad that’s over with.”

Taking such a big step can be stressful. Trying to plan it all out while managing a busy schedule doesn’t help. You want to feel relaxed, confident, and happy during your proposal. Instead of sweating through it and appearing tense, hand some responsibility to an experienced planner.


7. Your partner will be amazed.


No matter the setting, a well-thought-out proposal is very touching. Perhaps your loved one had no idea you were even capable of orchestrating the perfect proposal. Dazzle them with a big day only a pro could help you pull off.

When you pop the question, there should be no question in your partner’s mind that you mean it. Putting in the effort makes your intentions clear.


8. It sets the tone for your wedding.


A lot of couples discuss their dream wedding ahead of a proposal; what kind of venue they’d like, favorite songs, flowers, and more. Let a planner help you incorporate some of these ideas into a proposal. 


9. Proposals can become the beginning of a tradition.


Wouldn’t it be nice to plan a proposal so perfect, you’ll want to celebrate it again and again? Whether it’s a particular park bench or an amazing restaurant, you and a planner can come up with the proposal date that becomes an anniversary tradition.


10. You’ll get The Shot.


What photo do you hope to use on your engagement party invitation, newspaper announcement, or Save the Date notices?

Hopefully, it’s a stunning shot fit to sit on your mantelpiece for decades to come. Fortunately, some of the very best proposal planners pull double duty as photographers. Don’t miss your chance to get this incredible memento.


11. Boston Proposal Planner expects the unexpected.


On days like these, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about what can go wrong. The truth is, depending on the scenario, there are even more potential interruptions and mistakes than you can imagine. But your Boston proposal planner knows the terrain and is keeping their eye out for you.

With the right planner, you’ll never even be aware of how many crises were averted.


12. Your ideas, organized.


Is your mind racing with all sorts of ways you can make this proposal the best ever? On the surface, it seems like planning a slightly more complicated date night. But the more specific you get, the more ideas you have, the more planning it takes to pull it all together.

Don’t get stuck on the details; hire a proposal planner to help you paint the big picture. It’s everything you want, seamlessly organized.


13. Saving time.


One of the biggest benefits is saving yourself the time it takes to carry off a picturesque proposal. Perhaps you don’t want to seem suspicious sneaking around to arrange it. Or, you’re traveling to Boston from out of town to do it, and have limited time to finalize any arrangements.

A proposal planner can stand in for you, scout the location, and talk to any involved parties on your behalf. If you’re looking to make any arrangements in the city on short notice, a planner is practically non-negotiable.


14. The right connections.


Does your ideal proposal include a catered rooftop rendezvous? A private area in an otherwise busy place? You’ll likely need vendors, cooperation from local establishments, or just the number of the best flower shop in the area.

Don’t chance it. Instead, let a professional hook you up. Your proposal planner knows who to call to get exactly what you’re looking for. The wedding industry, which all begins with proposals, contains many networks of small business owners and skilled professionals who recommend one another all of the time.


15. You can be present.


Ultimately, this day is all about you and the love of your life. You should be able to enjoy every moment, even the ones where you’re buzzing with anticipation. With a planner pulling the strings, you can focus on soaking in the occasion.

After all, this is not a time to get distracted. Keeping the focus on you and your partner is perhaps the most important factor of all.


16. The best results.


This is probably the biggest reason Boston proposals include a planner. When you combine the connections, saved time, organization skills, and more, you get fantastic results. Hiring a proposal planner isn’t just a simple solution – it makes everything about the day better.

Nothing inspires a resounding, “Yes! I will!” like the perfect day, in a beautiful setting, with the right person. 


17. It’s FREE.


Getting a planner to help with your proposal sounds great, sure. However, the reason some don’t give it a chance is that they assume it’s costly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re looking for a Boston photographer to cover your engagement, you may have already found your Boston proposal planner. Get a jump start on finding the right professionals to work your wedding. It all begins with an experienced photographer who knows how to kick start the festivities with a thoughtful, memorable proposal.

Start Your Proposal Planning Today


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    7 Family Photo Session Tips for the Parents



    Mum and dad getting close up having fun with son

    Having a family photo session can be a daunting task especially if you have young ones.  I have helped hundreds of families captured their family photos.  With my experience here are my family photo session tips to help you better prepare for your family photo session.

    1. Have Fun with your kids – My Favorite Tip

    Family photo sessions should be a fun time for the whole family. When you hire me as your photographer, you are expecting beautiful candid photos capturing the love in the family.  In order to make this happen the whole family needs to be having fun.  Fun brings smiles out of everyone; it is definitely something that shows up in the photos.  

    Some of the ways I get my clients to have fun at the photo session is to do something the family enjoys together, like playing, running, jumping, laughing, catch.  Different families have different ways to express their happiness with the family. 

    So just come to your family photo session and get ready to have fun with the whole family.


    Great way to get your kid to be happy by playing

    2. Communication and Preparation

    As your photographer,

    I am here to help you plan your perfect family photo session
      Together we will plan out the best outfit for your kids, and what you and your husband should wear for the shoot. 

    But beyond what to wear there are many other little things that should be thought out and planned.  If there is something that your kids like to play, like bubbles or a ball. We can incorporate them into our photos.

    Lastly, we will communicate about the weather when closer to our scheduled date.  If it will be raining, we can always reschedule for the next available appointment.


    Kid Headshot Photo

    3. Clothing Choices

    Your clothing choices can directly impact how your family photos will look like in the end.  Together we can to create the most beautiful family photo. 

    Which is why I always stress on a plain solid color clothing.

    Plain solid color avoids grabbing too much attention from our eyes in the photo when we should be focusing on the face of a person.


    Father and son candid sitting on the grass

    4. Sleep and Feeding Schedule

    Planning your photo session around sleep and feeding schedule can have a significant impact on the outcome of your photos.  Interrupting a child’s nap for the photo sessions will end up having a grumpy child and not a whole lot of good photos.

    So, parents, plan your photo session at a time when your child is well-rested and well-fed.  Your child will thank you for it and your photos will be that much better.


    Mother & son enjoying a Sunday photo session together

    5. Extra Time to Get Ready


    Arriving early has a lot of benefits.

    Let the kids run around and play around for a while before the session starts. This is especially true when we photograph at parks where there is a play area.  Once the kid sees the swings, they will be wanting to play and be unhappy for the rest of the photo session.

    Less stress.  Let’s be honest, rushing to get to your photo session can be very stressful.  There are enough of things that are going on and time doesn’t need to be one of them.  Plan accordingly to arrive well ahead of the scheduled session time.


    This is not a Milos Commercial, the kid was hungry

    6. Happy Kids = Beautiful Photos

    Do whatever you can to make and keep your kids happy during your photo session.  That can be:

    Tickle your kids

    Say something funny that will make them laugh

    Have some fun together by bonding

    Hugs and Kisses

    Sing their favorite song

    Make funny faces

    There are so many ways to make your kids smile and laugh.  Plan for a few ways that can make your kid laugh before your photo session and I guarantee you will see better results in your family pictures.


    A stick from the ground is all it takes to make a kid happy

    7. Don’t stress

    Finally, don’t stress over your family portrait session.  Allow me to help you with your planning or any concerns you might have. 

    Allow extra time to get ready, plan to arrive at the session early to reduce stress.

    If you have any concerns you can always contact me to discuss. 

    I hope these 7 Family Photo Session Tips for Parents can help you plan for your next family session.  Capturing family photos can be a great time for everyone. So, let’s go out there and capture some beautiful family photos together.


    7 Family Photo Session Tips for the Parents



    Family Reunion Images

    Family Reunion Images A family reunion is about sharing the love and joy between family members.  It is a time for all generations to come together and spend some time together, share stories and strengthen the bonds with the family.  Let me help you create beautiful family reunion images.

    4 month old girl photos session at shannon beach in Winchester, MA with parents. Family photo. With dad and Mum. sitting down shot. Laughing

    4 Month Old Family Photo

    4 Month Old Family Photo at Winchester, MA   Do you want to see more family photos? Family Photos



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      What to Say When Proposing: Ultimate Guide to Popping the Question



      What to Say When Proposing


      “Will you marry me?”


      That’s the easy part.


      If you’re wondering what to say when proposing, you’re in good company. Abruptly asking the big question isn’t ideal for every couple. We want to justify the question and create a heartfelt moment.

      But the pressure – even when we’re sure this is the right step – can leave us tongue-tied. This is not the time to be at a loss for words or to falter when talking about how we feel.

      These worries are normal. There’s a lot we can do to ensure this event is as special as you both dreamed. Here’s your complete guide to figuring out what to say when proposing.


      1. Do NOT stick to a script – what to say when proposing


      It’s good to sit and write down everything you’d like to say. However, you’re not going to memorize and recite it, let alone whip out the sheet of paper and read it to them. We want to be genuine. We want our partners to recognize that this is an authentic expression of how we feel.

      If you’re not usually very romantic or emotionally expressive, that’s okay. Just take all of the advice here into account, and remember that you don’t have to pretend to be a different person to get the message across.


      2. Have a degree of certainty


      Right behind worries of what to say when proposing is, “What if they say no?” We’re not fortune tellers, so you’re going to have to take a chance here. That said, you should definitely have an idea of how your partner feels about the future of your relationship.

      Ask yourself the following:

      • Have we discussed marriage before?
      • How did they respond to discussions of marriage?
      • Has anything changed since we last discussed marriage?
      • When we talk about the future or make future plans, do we include one another?

      Your answers to these questions don’t have to be completely perfect, but they’ll reveal whether or not now is the right time to propose.


      3. Respect their preferences


      Let’s say you’re looking forward to a rather grandiose proposal. Would this embarrass your partner? Would they feel compelled to agree to the proposal just because there are people watching? If they are a private or shy person, avoid putting them on the spot.

      Determining the setting can be as important as what to say when you propose. For instance, if they’re outdoorsy, proposing on a hike is more memorable and happier than during a romantic dinner.


      4. Reflect on your personal growth


      Chances are, this relationship has improved your life for the better. If you research what to say when proposing, examples include things like, “You complete me.” Now, that exact phrasing is a cliché, but it gives us the right idea.

      Explain to your partner what you’ve gained through being with them. Maybe you became a more compassionate or considerate person. Perhaps you found the ambition to succeed because you wanted to create a better future with them. These are good points to include when you propose.


      5. Reflect on your relationship


      When you propose, open up with a very brief synopsis of your relationship. Mention how long you’ve been together, or how you felt the first time you met them. A basic example: “When I went to a party at my friend’s house three years ago, I never expected I would meet the love of my life there.”

      In the first place, this orients you both. You’ve been on a journey together, a journey which has led to this moment. And if your partner has been anticipating a proposal at some point, their interest in what you say next will be piqued. We want both parties to be fully present and tuned in.


      6. Know the deal with the ring


      As you know, proposals traditionally come with a ring. This is another area where special considerations are in order.

      • Would my fiancé/e want to pick out their own ring?
      • Should I get a ring in the meantime that could act as a placeholder for the one they want?
      • What style of jewelry does my partner normally wear?
      • If I didn’t propose with a ring, how might they feel about that?
      • Would they appreciate that it seemed so spontaneous that I didn’t have one ready?
      • Have they ever dropped hints about what kind of ring they would like?
      • What is their ring size?

      Ultimately, the ring is not the main feature, but it is an important prop. The final dream ring can be sorted later, but you need to be clear on how a ring will factor into your proposal.


      7. Allow yourself to be nervous


      Hey, proposing is a big deal. If your hands shake or your voice wavers, that’s understandable. It won’t ruin the moment. Let yourself feel a little overwhelmed if that’s how it really is.

      Nervousness will never matter if you maintain good eye contact and continue saying what you want. No matter how shaky you become, remain focused on your partner. After all, it will be over in a few minutes, and if all goes according to plan, you’ll be celebrating.


      8. Determine how much of a surprise it should be 


      It’s simple: some people like surprises, and others don’t. If your partner is anticipating this but would love telling others about their stunning surprise proposal, plan it at least a few weeks after their last mention of getting engaged.

      If your partner does not like surprises, let them know this date is special from the get-go. Don’t admit outright that you’re proposing, but let the occasion speak for itself. Use your intuition and experience with them to create a situation they would appreciate.


      9. Tell them why


      “When you know, you know” does not suit every couple. Many of us know exactly what it is that makes someone the perfect partner. What better time to share that than during your marriage proposal?

      It’s a good rule of thumb if you find yourself at a loss as to what to say during proposal time. Maybe it’s their kindness, loyalty, sense of humor, or all of the above. As long as it’s the truth, they will love to hear it.


      10. Don’t replicate someone else’s experience


      Ultimately, the perfect proposal will look a little different for every couple. It might seem easier to go with what worked for someone else, but this can ring hollow for you and your partner.

      Personal touches are welcome here. Bring them their favorite flowers, play your favorite song, or start off by sharing an inside joke. Take them to the place where you had your first date if you want something more sentimental.


      Final Thoughts on What to Say When Proposing


      In the end, it helps to ask one question – are you overthinking the proposal? If so, stick to these key points:

      • Authenticity rules

        Don’t rattle off a speech you’ve memorized, and don’t merely repeat what you’ve heard elsewhere. Your partner knows you and can tell when you’re being genuine. If that includes you being a little nervous, it’s fine.

      • Be considerate

        Don’t surprise or embarrass your partner. Take their personality into account and plan the event accordingly. This is probably not the occasion to ask them to step outside of their box.

      • Tell a story

        If you’re worried about what to say when proposing, simply refer back to your relationship. If you had a funny first meeting, or have overcome some serious challenges, these are great points to hit on leading up to the question.

      Just in case you’re really feeling the pressure, consider this last tip:

      You don’t have to ask at all!

      Sometimes, staying mum works in your favor. Have them go on a treasure hunt that ends in a written message popping the question, or spell it out with candles or flower petals. Hire live musicians to play your song as you drop a knee. It’s your chance to show someone how important they are in your life, and we can’t always put that into words.


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