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How is your Linkedin Headshot Photo?

Professional Headshot Photo Session in Burlington MA

Burlington Headshot Photographer • Profile Picture Photography

Headshot photo it’s one of the most important photo for your professional career, but what happens if your profile picture is not professional?

mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

A new trend these days shows that recruiters find employees from online website like LinkedIn.The first impression that anyone can give it from their profile picture on the LinkedIn profile, before you even get a chance to interview.

mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

so one person might ask what makes a good portfolio picture.  a good profile picture consist of the head with clear image of the face. I personally prefer natural background like trees and wood lines or bricks from the house.

mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

A good professional profile picture should deliver a message that you’re someone people would like to work with and would be a good team member in order to deliver that message the photo needs to be compelling get natural-looking.


mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

On  this day I had a privilege to work with this young lady.   we start out with some more traditional formal profile pictures the light on this particular day was almost perfect not too much direct sunlight light. we got a few different looks  allowing her to use the photos in different ways.


mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

The photo in this series go through a nature trail in Burlington Massachusetts. these photos were taken at Mary Cummings Park in Burlington.

mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

Going back to how important portfolio pictures are. First impressions are what’s most important. we only get a split second after a recruiter’s time before he moves on to the next person. it could be that Split Second that you will find your future career.


mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

As you can see in this photo session I have captured young ladies multiple different looks and personality, it is up  to her to decide what type of personality she would like to express and represent  on  LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is one of the largest social network site and the world’s largest Professional Network, with more than millions of members and hundreds and thousands of recruiters constantly looking for potential employee for their company it is only benefit to you to have a professional-looking photo as their Portfolio picture.

If you are considering hiring a photographer to do your profile your pictures consider Mat Tam photograph.


mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

mat-tam-photography-professional-headshots-burlington mary cummings park

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The Story of Macro Photography

Macro photography – an interesting topic for any photographer, even though only a few of us take pictures up close.

People often ask about camera selection and which one to go for, quite often they want to know about the opportunity of taking macro shots. It’s hard to tell what exact camera you should get, because each one of us has their own style of taking photos. However, in light of this, I decided to make a short post about macro photography.

What is macro photography? It is when you take pictures of small objects up close. The smaller the object that appears on the frame, the better the macro. It is believed that a macro photograph is a snapshot with a scale of 1:1 (one to one). That is, for example, when an object has a size of 1 cm both on the frame, and in real life. Here, the “frame” refers to the size of the light-sensitive element (film matrix). Certain photographers do not agree with the definition of macro at the scale ratio of 1:1. They argue that macro photography starts with a slight zoom of 1:5 (one to five – a 1 cm frame fits 5 cm of the object) up to 20:1 (a 1 cm frame fits 0.05 cm [0.5 mm] of the object). There are many opinions and arguments on this subject, but I personally believe that macro photography is when the photograph reveals things that a human eye cannot capture.



It is generally assumed that Percy Smith, an English natural history filmmaker, was one of the first pioneers of macro photography. He was born in London, on 12th January 1880, and took the steps of photography early on. Smith was fascinated by the natural world around him, and was one of the first photographers to take close-up photographs of plants and animal life.

Photography is not when you take 10 or 20 pictures after you had a swim, or shared BBQ with your friends.Photography is when you are standing on your knees, meeting the sunrise on the floodplain of a river and taking notice of change in ambient light. After the sunrise, you move into the forest and until dawn you search for a shaded place to create another story. In macro Credit: Cwulmer photography there is no shortage of subjects and stories. Any scene or a detail can be interesting for an artist.

We should not seek to maximize the zoom level in macro photography. The most common mistake of amateurs is their desire to zoom in as much as possible. Experimenting in the genre of macro photography should feel like being a theater direction, and preparing a stage. The zoom level of your photographs should depend on the story, not the capability of your camera.


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Family Photo Session at Menotomy Rocks Park Arlington

Arlington Family Photography

Arlington Family Photographer • Family photos at Menotomy Rocks Park

For many years I have pursued my passion as a family photographer. In my time, I have learned that the bond shared between family members is one of the most sacred forms of love on the planet. Unconditional, unwavering and true, there is nothing more precious than what I get to take part of for a living. For a while now I have solidified my reputation as a family photographer Arlington families turn to when they want to see that beautiful love memorialized forever on digital film.


I believe that children are the keystone to any family. They introduce innocence, joy and laughter to the family dynamic and always keep things interesting. It is for this reason that I enjoy including photos of children playing with their toys, running gleefully through the fields and just generally being who they are. I love to capture the curious expressions they often hold, as children are by far the most free and animated of the subjects I photograph.




Not only do I like seeing the children play independently, I enjoy getting on film the family playing with their children as well. Sparking curiosity and creativity in a child is so important, and showing off the parent’s playful nature around the child is just as serious to me. Along with playing, capturing the day-to-day, casual interaction between parent and child stands out to me as a priority as well, seeing as this is often the sort of interactions you will see naturally in the home. It is important to have photographs to remember private moments like this, as well.




When I can, I like to showcase each generation of the family who is able to be present. This helps to bring to life the importance of our ancestry and heritage; something the child can look back upon when they are older and remember where it is that they come from. Along with generational shots featuring the whole family, I like to stop and smell the proverbial roses and include solo shots of family members, too. Grabbing photos of individual members of the family holding the child is great as well because different parts of children’s personalities often show themselves with different family members and I like to capture the broad spectrum of the child’s mind and emotions.




The locations I choose for my photography shoots include a lot of outdoor locations such as a grassy pasture or a beautiful body of water. I think these provide the best backdrops and offer gorgeous natural lighting that simply cannot be duplicated by any other means.



These are some of the many reasons my family photographer Arlington clients choose me every time. If my style interests you and you would like to add family photos to the album that will be cherished forever, you can contact me at PHONE/EMAIL to set up a shoot today.



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