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Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA |

Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA

Boston Children Photography • Outdoor Kid Portrait Ideas

Your children are the light of your life, and with my take on children portrait photography, I hope to showcase just how incredibly special they are to you as well as you to them. I have been given the special opportunity multiple times to take kids professional photos, and each and every experience leaves me more inspired and delighted than the last one. Every family dynamic is unique, and I intend to bring out your individual personalities with every photo I take of yours. Kids professional photos look great in studio settings, but I find they have an even greater appeal in the outdoors with natural light and surroundings.

I enjoy capturing children in their daily routines, such as having a tasty snack or playing with their favorite toys. As they grow up, these moments will be the ones you remember the most as they play and learn every day, so it is important to me that I retain them on film. Getting shots of them in different, adorable outfits while they play in front of my camera is another way I capture their day-to-day experiences, showing them going about their young lives with you.

As children are much more difficult to instruct than the ease in which adults are directed, I often allow the child to simply have a good time and play before me. Laughing at butterflies, smiling at their parents and zooming around in an all out run are perfect opportunities to capture your child’s fun personality. Therefore, their poses often come naturally and without much direction, letting their inner beauty and innocence shine through. I do, however, try to take simple, posed photos as well. This includes little poses such as the child standing before a nice backdrop or just casually sitting in a grassy patch or small chair.

Children portrait photography has its place in my work, but capturing the family all together is another passion of mine. As someone offering outdoor portrait photographer Boston services, I aim to get my clients out into our wonderful city to take those beloved family portraits. Not only do I film the family playing and having fun together, I like to get pictures of each parent individually with the child to show the bond between mother and child, along with the bond between father and child respectively. I find he or she reacts in a pleasantly different way with each parent, thus making these photos special and unique to your family.

For a truly amazing perspective, taking multi-generational photographs is key. If the client so wishes, I can involve other members of the family, such as a grandmother or grandfather, within these cherished photos. This allows you to show off the family resemblance as well as get everyone together for a special moment in time to let them be a part of these timeless photos.

I would love the opportunity to show you why I am passionate about the family portrait photographer Boston services I offer. Please contact me at phone/email and allow me to showcase your wonderful family in keepsakes that will be loved for years to come.


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Baby Boy Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA

Boston Family Portrait Photos | Arlington

Baby and Family Photography

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Newborn Photography | Boston MA

Boston Newborn Photographer | Boston MA

Boston Photographer • Boston Family Portrait Photos

Your child’s first few weeks of life are incredibly precious. Before you know it, your newborn baby will be talking and walking, and those sleepless nights will suddenly become sorely missed opportunities to hold your little one in your arms. Baby pictures are something that not only the parents, but the child, too, will adore and cherish as the years wane on. As a Boston newborn photographer, I am grateful for the chance to capture these beautiful moments with your child in many stunning settings and poses that show off the everlasting love between parent and child from even the earliest of days.
In my photography, I like to capture the family dynamic as well as individual photographs of the newborn. Just as you take your little one out into the world to take in all the sights and sounds of the earth, I like to entice the senses with outdoor settings, such as a park or a lake. I choose visually stunning, natural backdrops like vibrant trees that accentuate the happy family without taking away from their beauty. In lieu, as you can see in this gallery, I take a few family portrait style photos of the parents cradling their child lovingly, displaying the love shared between both mother and father, as well as the love between parents and child. Along with family portraits, I take shots of each parent alone with the child for a truly intimate moment captured on film.
Baby pictures in the family home are also important, as that is where you will spend most of your time with the child. I use your home as a comfortable setting for another family portrait that is sure to bring about memories of all of the time spent with your newborn each time you gaze upon these pictures. To really show the love between the members of the family, I take shots that show the child looking up at the parents with love in its eyes, as well as parents gazing down endearingly at the baby in their arms. Snapshots of their tiny hands and feet are fantastic for showing just how little and innocent they truly are, and as your baby blooms into a toddler and beyond, you will be able to look back upon these photos and see the growth made evident.
In lieu of capturing the child in all of its states, not only do I get shots of the happy, bubbly baby, I let he or she just be his or herself in front of the camera. Babies are not going to respond to direction in the same way adults do, so the results you see on film are the true essence of your baby's personality. Sleepy photos on soft blankets are included, along with shots of the newborn yawning and displaying fussy little pouts. These expressions are all part of your child's budding personality, and I hope to take pictures that will tell a story and have you remembering every single instance of time spent with your newborn, no matter their mood.
I offer Boston newborn photography services that give you priceless moments forever cemented on film for you and your child to enjoy for the rest of their lives. Contact me at email/phone to learn more and let me show you my talent and passion as a Boston newborn photographer.


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Baby Boy Ten Month Old Photo Shoot | Brookline MA

Baby and Family Photography

Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA |

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