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Maternity Portrait Photography at Larz Anderson Park Brookline

Maternity Portrait Photography

Pregnancy Portrait Ideas Boston Maternity Photographers

Personally, I believe that the months waiting for your beloved child to be born are some of the most precious moments of your life. You are glowing with the budding life as well as your love for them, and that shines through in my stunning work as a maternity photographer Boston trusts. One of my greatest loves and passions is capturing the love between mother, father, and the baby on the way, and that is evidenced by the heartwarming photographs that I produce for Boston families.


I often choose locations to shoot in, such as a park that offers both natural and manmade beauties for the parents-to-be to pose on and around. This includes things like sparkling bodies of water and sprawling trees as well as structures like a beautiful footbridge or a bench. With the perfect location chosen for my shoot, I like to start off with a few shots of the happy couple together. I take shots that are cute and endearing, such as the couple snuggling up together by a lake and enjoying the time spent laughing in each other’s arms. We will also take a few casual and candid photos of the two smiling at each other, as well as some posed shots that look great in a frame.


I enjoy taking photos that include a few props that remind one of the baby to come. Usually, this means tiny shoes that your unborn beloved will soon fit into. Shoes can go in the foreground with the parents in the background. The shoes can also be held beside the mother’s tummy or each of the parents holding one shoe. There are a number of ways to incorporate an appropriately colored pair of shoes into your photos that you may choose to use as a birth announcement!


Another cute idea I like to incorporate is using the ultrasound photograph of your unborn baby. Mother and father can each hold a corner, or they can gently press it to the mother’s belly for an adorable peek into the life within.



Taking shots of the mother alone I find imperative. She is carrying a life inside of her and should be honored for it. I enjoy taking photos of her caressing her tummy that holds the child and looking down at the unborn baby endearingly. A mother’s love is unsurpassed and showing that in my photos is a privilege I do not take for granted.


While we are thinking about solo photos with the mother, it is important that we do not forget the importance of a father’s love. Shots of the father kissing or touching the baby bump, or otherwise being sweet and loving toward the mother and baby are important and precious.


There is no greater gift than that of bringing a new life into the world to shower with love and guiding it to grow. Let me capture the moments leading up to this when you contact my maternity photographer Boston service at PHONE/EMAIL today.


Maternity Photos at Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation


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Alaska: 7 days at The Last Frontier

Visiting Alaska had always been on the bucket list for my wife and I.  So last week we embarked the last cruise of the year to Alaska on the Crown Princess ship.  The ship departed from Seattle on a beautiful sunny day, I was told don’t get used to it.  Seattle is normally a rainy city.  Must be my lucky day to capture a photo of Mount Rainier.


20160910_alaska_1000__2mt7158 20160910_alaska_1000__2mt7161 20160910_alaska_1001__tam6649 20160910_alaska_1002__tam6653


Sunrise photos of Alaska is definitely something worth waking up for.  Although it is much easier if you are jet lag like we are from Boston.  There are no better way to start a day than watching the soaring sun rise into the sky.  However, the sun quickly hide behind the clouds for the rest of the day.  


20160912_alaska_1003__tam6674 20160912_alaska_1004__tam6680 20160912_alaska_1005__2mt7185 20160912_alaska_1006__tam6689 20160912_alaska_1007__2mt7195 20160912_alaska_1008__tam6715 20160912_alaska_1009__tam6757 20160912_alaska_1010__2mt7221


At the first port of call Juneau we booked a helicopter ride to the glacier.  It was a 15 minute helicopter ride to the top of the glacier.  The helicopter landed on top of the glacier and we walked on what feels like a different planet.  A planet with cracks and holes in the ground that can extend 100 feet deep into the ground.  The water from the moving stream taste nothing like bottled “glacier water”, it tasted like enhanced water.  


20160912_alaska_1011__tam6795 20160912_alaska_1012__2mt727020160912_alaska_2001__tam6846 20160912_alaska_1013__tam6854 20160912_alaska_1014__tam6856 20160912_alaska_1015__tam6869


Back to earth we stopped by Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  The soup was amazing and the crab was very fresh.  The waiter that brought us our food has a very unique sense of humor.  If you are in Juneau for any reason, this place is a must. 




Excursion #2 in Juneau.  After the crab shack I was tired and almost wanted to skip the dog sledding.  But I’m glad I stuck with it.  If you are a dog person, this excursion should be on your bucket list.  These dogs love their job, and they are proud of themselves.  Our Musher and guide were both great people, they love their dogs and it shows.  Although the ride is a short one, I got to play with some of the pups before leaving the camp.  


20160912_alaska_1000__tam6998 20160912_alaska_1017__tam6921 20160912_alaska_1018__tam6951 20160912_alaska_1019__tam6988 20160912_alaska_1021__tam7040


Alaska is famous for its wild life.  And during this trip we got to experience some of the wild Alaska that we came to see.  Bald Eagle, Brown Bear, Whales, Seal Lions were only some of the wild life that we saw.  One of the highlight of the trip was a Humpback Whales Jumping out of the water, it was a scene that I will never forget.   Kudos to our bus driver in Haines who made a last minute turnaround to see the bear one last chance.  


20160913_alaska_1022__tam7104 20160913_alaska_1023__tam7129 20160913_alaska_1024__tam7180 20160913_alaska_1025__2mt7343 20160913_alaska_1026__tam7261 20160913_alaska_1027__tam7329




The highlight on the ship is probably visiting Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve.  This is the place where if you have someone imagine what Alaska was like, this would be their first thought.  And the actual scene was no different.  Every mountain is as picturesque as the last.  It was magical when a piece of the glacier collapsed.  You can hear the crowd from the ship roar like a rock star has entered the stage.  Although during most of our trip it was cloudy, for some reason when we entered this National Park the Sun decided to come out and shine on the mountain like it was welcoming us.  

20160914_alaska_1028__2mt7522 20160914_alaska_1029__2mt7547 20160914_alaska_1030__2mt7563 20160914_alaska_1031__2mt7590 20160914_alaska_1032__tam7672 20160914_alaska_1033__tam7689

As we started to departed the picturesque National Park, there were still plenty of beautiful scenery to capture.   

20160914_alaska_1035__2mt7685 20160914_alaska_1036__tam7758 20160914_alaska_1037__tam7762 20160914_alaska_1038__2mt7724 20160914_alaska_1039__2mt7743 20160914_alaska_1040__2mt7842

At Ketchikan due to weather being too rough, our fishing excursion was cancelled.  Instead of that we joined a plane ride tour.  Alaska from above looks like a different place.  Something smaller, something more vulnerable.  The hole on the last photo is a air hole, turn it around to allow air comes in.  It came in handy when I got a little motion sickness.     

20160915_alaska_1043__tam7860 20160915_alaska_1044__tam7931 20160915_alaska_1045__tam8031 20160915_alaska_1046__tam8064

What made this trip memorable were the people that we met on the ship.  Ray from the photo class.  Jeremy, Brandon, Miranda, Randy and Antoinette from happy hour.  Curtis and Kaitlan from Utah, let me know how you are doing with your Dog days Pet Pampering, send me photos of cute puppies!  Steve and Josie which we always bump into each other.  Darren and Charleene our dinner mate.  Rich from MA, we’ll be in touch.  Judith!  I never got Judith’s contact information, if you see this please send me an email to say hi.  Donna, hope you and your sisters had a good time.  Chris from photo class.  Sean and Taylor that we met in Haines, the trip was definitely more memorable because of you two, thank you for showing us around in Seattle.  Pat, Paul, Dave and Karen from the plane ride, it made what can be a bad motion sickness more bearable.  To Cindy and Steve from breakfast, I think I finally remembered your names.  

20160914_alaska_1034__2mt7668 20160915_alaska_1047__tam8107


I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below!

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Wedding Proposal at Fan Pier Boston

Wedding Proposal at Fan Pier Boston

Surprise Engagement Photography • Boston Propose Ideas

Engagement photography is a relatively new trend in the world of photography, but I myself have much experience as a proposal photographer Boston clients have grown to love and trust. There is nothing more exciting than your big wedding day–except perhaps the day that you get asked to marry your loved one. Many photographs are taken to capture your love at the wedding ceremony, but what about photos of the moment that started it all?


When I begin my engagement photo shoots, I like to start off by staying hidden from sight, snapping a few photos of the couple doing normal things like taking selfies or talking quietly together. Then, the transformation unfolds as the groom-to-be goes down on one knee and asks the woman of his life to be his forever. This also provides me an opportunity to catch her initial reaction to the big question, which is one of my favorite things to shoot!


mat-tam-photography-wedding-proposal-photography-fan-pierThere are often many shots taken of the first time the engagement ring slides onto the finger of the happy woman, and the delight on her face cannot be overlooked. The process is completed with a loving kiss of which I also take a few photographs before I decide it is time to make my presence known.


After congratulating the couple, I enjoy taking a couple of posed shots in the location where they got engaged. Memories can fade over time and be difficult to recall, but not when there are photos like these to remind you of the moment every day. Then, we move on to a few locations around town where I allow them to be themselves before the camera to truly capture their everyday happiness.









Ring shots are important. I take a few of the hand that wears the ring posed on the back of the man she loves or against a nice backdrop, along with the ring still in the box it came in. The bride-to-be has her solo photo taken a few times where she also can clearly display the ring.



One of the best parts of the process is asking the proposing party beforehand if they plan on throwing any sort of engagement party after the proposal. If they say yes, I hurry to the location to beat them there so that when the woman comes out, surprised by the love and by the amount of people there, I am waiting to capture her reaction. Not only that, but I make sure to get many shots of the newly engaged with their ecstatic family members so that they can look back on this moment and see how proud and happy their loved ones are. One of the greatest joys as a proposal photographer Boston families turn to is seeing the elation on their faces.




If you have interest in my proposal photographer Boston services and want to have a photo shoot done that is similar to what I have described, please contact me at PHONE/EMAIL to set up the perfect time and place for you.

boston-engagement-photographer boston-proposal-photographer



wedding-proposal-boston-photography wedding-proposal-boston-photos wedding-proposal-boston-photos-engagement-love


Surprise Proposal | Boston Photographer

Engagement Photos | Beacon Hill

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