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Boston Maternity Photos at Blue Hills Reservation

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The love between a mother and her child is perhaps the most precious of all. She is physically with him or her from the moment of conception to the moment of birth and well beyond into their lives. There is nothing quite so intimate and loving as this, and it is my greatest joy to capture this love on film for the world to see as a maternity photographer Boston mothers come to for quality Boston maternity photos. I take great pride in my work and I hope to let that shine through in the final product of our time spent together.

mat-t-photography-boston-maternity-photos belly shot with the pair of shoes

boston-maternity-photos-mattamphotography holding onto the little pair of shoes

As I mentioned above, the love between mother and child is unique and must be treasured. As much as I enjoy getting on film that special bond of love, I like to get intimate photos of the father sharing a tender moment of love and joy with the baby bump. This includes kissing the coming child, caressing the adorable baby bump and just being close to them in general. Along with the love that each parent shows for the child, I believe that showcasing the love between the mother and the father is just as important. After all, without that burning love and passion driving them, the little one would not be on the way to begin with!

m-t-photography-boston-maternity-photos holding the ultrasonic photo

As for the setting, I often choose locations that are out in nature to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery as well as the incomparable natural lighting that cannot be duplicated in a studio. In lieu of this, I enjoy playing around with the light of the sun for added effect that looks natural and real. Often taken in parks, these photos also provide ample opportunity to take advantage of architectural marvels such as long, tall pillars, stunning gazebos and quaint foot bridges.

boston-maternity-photos-mat-tam at blue hills reservation by the beach

Adorable baby shoes are a common theme in my photos. I think that the mother holding tiny little shoes that will soon be on the feet of her son or daughter is perhaps the cutest form of visually showing her anticipation of the arrival of the child. This also serves to emphasize how cute and small the baby will be. I also take the shoes of the parents and photograph them alongside those of the child's for a contrasting effect that is sure to earn a giggle.


mat-tam-photography-boston-maternity-photos lying on the grass listening to baby's heartbeat


Of course, I include many shots of the mother that consist of only her. She is the strong, shining star of her pregnancy journey, and I love to celebrate the maternal in my photographs. I employ natural poses such as gazing at the water on the shore, as well as staged ones of her looking directly to the camera. Showing off her body in its most natural state is something I enjoy as well, making sure to get shots of her glowing silhouette that shows off the life inside of her. This includes poses of her gently holding and caressing her tummy, sometimes looking to the camera and sometimes gazing down at the child on the way.

boston-maternity-photos-tam by the beach solo shot

mattam-boston-maternity-photos couple photos under tree


Creating valuable photos that can serve as keepsakes for decades to come is my specialty. There is nothing more special than the 9 months the mother carries her beloved, and it excites me to no end to capture forever on film the love in her eyes as well as the love and excitement in the father's. If you love what I do with my maternity photographer Boston clients, I would love the opportunity to do the same with your boston maternity photos. Contact me at PHONE/EMAIL to discuss the details and get started today.mat-tamphotography-boston-maternity-photos solo maternity picture

boston-maternity-photography-mat-couple-looking-at-camera mat-boston-maternity-photos bokeh the little pair of shoes

Maternity Portrait Photography at Larz Anderson Park Brookline

Maternity Photos at Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation

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Maternity Portrait Photography at Larz Anderson Park Brookline

Maternity Portrait Photography

Pregnancy Portrait Ideas Boston Maternity Photographers

Personally, I believe that the months waiting for your beloved child to be born are some of the most precious moments of your life. You are glowing with the budding life as well as your love for them, and that shines through in my stunning work as a maternity photographer Boston trusts. One of my greatest loves and passions is capturing the love between mother, father, and the baby on the way, and that is evidenced by the heartwarming photographs that I produce for Boston families.


I often choose locations to shoot in, such as a park that offers both natural and manmade beauties for the parents-to-be to pose on and around. This includes things like sparkling bodies of water and sprawling trees as well as structures like a beautiful footbridge or a bench. With the perfect location chosen for my shoot, I like to start off with a few shots of the happy couple together. I take shots that are cute and endearing, such as the couple snuggling up together by a lake and enjoying the time spent laughing in each other’s arms. We will also take a few casual and candid photos of the two smiling at each other, as well as some posed shots that look great in a frame.


I enjoy taking photos that include a few props that remind one of the baby to come. Usually, this means tiny shoes that your unborn beloved will soon fit into. Shoes can go in the foreground with the parents in the background. The shoes can also be held beside the mother’s tummy or each of the parents holding one shoe. There are a number of ways to incorporate an appropriately colored pair of shoes into your photos that you may choose to use as a birth announcement!


Another cute idea I like to incorporate is using the ultrasound photograph of your unborn baby. Mother and father can each hold a corner, or they can gently press it to the mother’s belly for an adorable peek into the life within.



Taking shots of the mother alone I find imperative. She is carrying a life inside of her and should be honored for it. I enjoy taking photos of her caressing her tummy that holds the child and looking down at the unborn baby endearingly. A mother’s love is unsurpassed and showing that in my photos is a privilege I do not take for granted.


While we are thinking about solo photos with the mother, it is important that we do not forget the importance of a father’s love. Shots of the father kissing or touching the baby bump, or otherwise being sweet and loving toward the mother and baby are important and precious.


There is no greater gift than that of bringing a new life into the world to shower with love and guiding it to grow. Let me capture the moments leading up to this when you contact my maternity photographer Boston service at PHONE/EMAIL today.


Maternity Photos at Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation


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Maternity Photos at Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation

Boston Maternity Portrait Session

Maternity Portrait Photography • Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation

Your pregnancy is a very intimate and personal time. It is also a time filled with immense love for your growing child–a love that knows no bounds or faults, even before the precious baby is born. I strive to provide maternity photography Boston mothers feel comfortable partaking in, and this is evidenced by my delicate pregnancy photos that make the mother feel at home.

I like to start this type of photo session by focusing on the mother by asking her beforehand to wear a stunning white dress of her choosing. Whatever she arrives in will be perfect, as the color white displays purity, and with this in mind, I hope to capture the purity of the love between mother and child. Then, I gently fasten a bow around her middle. This bow is the classic color blue, or the traditional color of pink, depending on the gender of the child. After a few shots of her with the bow, I opt to bring the father into the picture.

Before the shoot, I also ask him to wear a shirt that matches the gender of the baby, thus, the bow. In these introduction pictures, the couple is pictured holding up balloons in blue that say underneath them the gender of the child. In this case, the balloon says, “boy.” With a few pictures of the balloons under my belt, we move on to intimate pregnancy photos, ones that show the father bent down to carefully kiss the mother’s growing belly. This shows the father’s love for the child.

We resume with photos of the two of them together in the sunny, green forest. The natural beauty of their surroundings provides a stunning backdrop in which to take my photos. Often, as a Boston portrait photographer, I like to use natural, outdoor settings in a way that compliment the subjects of my photos. This way the setting does not detract from the family at hand. I add in a banner that the couple holds between them. The blue banner holds the happiest statement: It’s a boy! A few shots of them looking into the camera while holding the banner are followed by them gazing lovingly into each others eyes.

I do enjoy taking traditional shots as well. These include images of the mother-to-be gently caressing and holding onto her tummy with delight in her eyes as she conveys her thrill regarding the life inside of her. She is pictured on a grassy, sunlit path in the woods, and her smile is as bright as the sunshine around her.

Finally, I include a casual photograph of the happy couple together. No instructed posing goes into this shot. Instead, I simply let them be themselves and stand before me as the elated couple that they are, and their smiles truly speak one thousand words.

If you would like to partake in this maternity photography Boston mothers have grown to love, I am happy to oblige! Let me use my experience as a Boston portrait photographer to provide you with keepsakes you will look back on forever. Contact me at PHONE/EMAIL for more information.


boston-portrait-photographer mat-tam-photography mat-tam-photography boston-maternity-photographer-ballon boston-maternity-photographers-kiiss boston-maternity-photography-hug boston-maternity-photos-its-a-boy boston-maternity-photographer-mother boston-maternity-photo-happy

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