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Boston Engagement Photography | Save the Date

Boston Engagement Photographer | Save the Date

Engagement Photography • Save the Date Photo Boston

In my time as a Boston engagement photographer, I have been given the joyous opportunity to do a number of photoshoots for a variety of loving couples. I believe that all relationships are made equal, and each one is a beautiful testament to the most powerful, righteous force on earth: love. It can move mountains–it can change long-held laws and beliefs. It can do absolutely anything, and capturing that majesty on film is what I am most passionate about.

In my Boston engagement photos, I like to show the lighthearted side of love; the parts of each other that are fun and silly while also being caring and compassionate. There are a number of different styles I enjoy implementing, including the traditional announcement of the wedding date in a fun, out-of-the-ordinary way.

Recently, I was given the incredibly special chance to capture the excitement of a new engagement with Samantha and Anna, two women who very clearly displayed their undying love for one another. We began with announcing the date of the impending marriage by holding a string between the two of them with the wedding date attached to it. I also had them wear white shirts with the month and the year boldly displayed on the side of them, so that when they hugged each other, the exciting date was clearly shown on them for the world to see. Aiming to deliver engagement photos Boston can trust, we then took a few pictures of them simply hugging each other and looking into one another’s eyes for that timeless and classic feel.

The love between a same-sex couple often goes through unique trials and tests that many other couples simply will not face. This instigates a feeling of pride and accomplishment, a hope instilled in them and recognized by the new promise of a vibrant rainbow. To showcase this, we played with colored powder in an exciting and explosive way. Samantha and Anna took turns playfully showering the other in this multi-colored dust, covering each other in vibrant hues that span the spectrum of that prideful rainbow. Action shots showing this process were taken for some stunning photos, along with a few pictures showing the after effects of their fun together with color all over them.

Of course, Boston engagement photos aren’t complete without a few shots of the dazzling rings. We cleaned up their hands and took a few photos of their hands touching with the ring on display, showing the love and intimacy they share in these exciting times. A few of the photos feature natural poses such as the couple snuggling on the grass or laughing together in a heartfelt embrace.

These are the moments I live for as a Boston engagement photographer. If these Boston engagement photos appeal to you, you may contact me at any time at PHONE/EMAIL to learn more about my services and schedule your own unique and beautiful engagement photos Boston knows and loves today.


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