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Engagement Pictures | Beacon Hill | Boston Commons | Newbury Street

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Many couples are commemorating their engagement with special engagement photos. I’d like to invite you to join me at Beacon Hill, Boston Common on Newbury Street for engagement photography. This location is perfect for the happy couple to be photographed in a variety of natural poses.
A pre-wedding photo session is also the perfect opportunity to create engagement photographs, and then print and send them out as engagement announcements to your closest friends and family.
Beacon Hill is the perfect location for engagement photos. It’s a neighborhood of historical importance, with a population of over 9000 residents. It’s notable for its Federal style rowhouses, and quaint streets, with gaslights and brick sidewalks. This region is considered one of the most expensive to live in Boston, but is still available for the wedding couple to take a stroll down its narrow avenues while being photographed.
The Massachusetts State House is at the top of the hill. The word Beacon Hill often refers to the state government. The streets also have some beautiful greenery and window boxes that make the perfect backdrop for engagement photography.
Many couples like to have a set of photographs for their family album that commemorates each point in their lives. It starts naturally with engagement photography, then wedding photography, and finally, photographs of your children and family reunions.
These precious moments happen only once in life, and what better way to remember your special moments than with engagement photos.
Later, you’ll be able to look on each photograph as a special moment in time. You’ll be able to recall the fresh crisp air of Boston, and how the breeze flew gently through your hair. You’ll be able to smell the fresh shrubbery and flowers. A photograph is almost as good as being there the first time.
My name is Mat, and I’m a Boston engagement photographer for your special day. Couples have the option of dressing up in special formal wear, or just appearing in their everyday clothes for their engagement photography. Of course it’s imperative that the woman wear her engagement ring.
I don’t charge for the photoshoot, just for each individual photo you wish to download in high resolution. I take many photographs during each session, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. This may be a bit different than how other Boston engagement photographers do it.
I’ve been capturing nature through my camera lens for many years now. I then decided to delve into the world of portraiture, as people fascinate me. I love to place them in the best light possible during their pre-wedding photo session. As a Boston engagement photographer, it’s been one of my passions to combine landscape photography with portrait photography.
I do on-location photography in Boston, rather than in-studio photography. I believe that Boston provides the perfect backdrop for many stunning photographs. If you’re seeking an on-site portrait photographer in Boston for your pre-wedding photo session, please give me a call!



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