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Tips for Graduation Photography

Graduation Photography

Graduation Photography. Photo from

Tips for Graduation Photography

May marks the beginning of graduation season! There are preschool graduations, middle and high ceremonies, college and university pomp and circumstance! Graduation is a memorable time for graduates and their families. It is a time that is best shared and captured in pictures! Here are some tips to help make your graduation photography memorable:

Inventory and Prepare

Today, cameras are everywhere. There are camera phones, complicated pro-consumer video recorders, and even disposable cameras. For graduation, make sure you know which cameras you need and which ones you want to use for your graduation events.

If you use disposable cameras, make sure you have them handy in your purse, pocket or car. If you use pro-consumer video recorders, make sure you have discs or tapes in good supply. Check your batteries to make sure you have ample charge and back-ups. If you use, standard digital or 35 mm cameras, make sure you have a good supply of film, check your flash and make sure lenses are clean. Have your gear ready! And know which item will be used for a specific event. 

Designate Camera Crew

Graduation is more of a production these days. There are speakers, awards, other recognition and after parties. And, of course, you want to capture it all but are only one person. Have people, family, and friends, designated to take pictures also.

You can opt to give everyone an instant camera to take many candid shots during parties or the graduation ceremony. If you have a steady hand or a sturdy tripod, have your camcorder or pro-consumer video recorders set up to capture the candid activity at the graduation or during the family cookout. If you know photography enthusiasts invite them to the graduation events. Also, other parents and friends may be willing to share snap shots and video of the event with you.

Seek Professional Help

You may be the best parent in the world, but honestly, you can be the worst picture taker in the universe. Instead of risking these moments to some odd chance that you will luck into cinematic skills, you can hire a photographer or videographer for your party or graduation events.

Know What Others are Doing

In most large communities and large school systems, there are service providers and professionals, who are very involved in graduation activities. Many localities and facilities have audio visual crews or contracts. Now, many graduations are televised on public access channels and private companies take diploma receipt pictures. Many of these companies offer at low-cost copies of videos or pictures. So, if you miss, heaven help you, your child or family member’s big moment, chances are you are saved by these consummate professionals. 

Know the Rules 
Some events instruct parents and well wishers about picture taking. There are some places which are secure and may not allow certain equipment. Be mindful of the rules. Be prepared to avoid flash photography if there is a strict instruction and the location has security personnel ready to enforce the rules. 

Remember What’s Important 
Someone you live is about to experience one of the greatest and one of the most important moments of their life. You want to be able to share their excitement as well as your own.

Be prepared to attend as many events as possible. Be early. Set up if you need to. Be respectful of personal choices. Take individual and group shots. Add candid and emotional photos that range from formal to informal. At the party, make sure you get your grade and the cake. At the graduation, you want to capture their smile as they receive their diploma. At home, take shots of them in their cap and gown or holding their diploma. Get lots of pics of them with friends and family- grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. 
Graduation is a special time and one of those events that will live in your memories. For your best graduation photography, you should always remember what’s important, be prepared and know your limitations. With this in mind, you can create lasting and wonderful memories of these important milestones in your and your child’s life.