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Having a baby is one of the most special and memorable times of anyone’s life on its own, but making it even more memorable with MATERNITY PORTRAITS is a great way to capture a moment in time that you’ll be able to look back on and smile for years to come. As a BOSTON MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER, I love being able to do MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY with women who are practically glowing with happiness and love.

Whether you’re looking for PHOTOS OF JUST MOM-TO-BE, or couple photos with intimate, tasteful, LOVING SHOTS OF THE ‘THREE’ OF YOU, we can make it happen! There is no better time to remember a moment than when you’re pregnant.

We all know taking pictures of our babies and kids as they grow is important, but why not start before they even arrive, so you can truly have a piece of their life with you from the very start? It’s not only something you as a parent will be able to look back on, but one day your child will be able to look at those photos, too – MATERNITY PORTRAITS are the ultimate ‘keepsake’ for any parent, and can be a great way to either formally announce a pregnancy, or keep a piece of your child’s life with you forever. However you choose to use your MATERNITY PHOTOS, you can rest assured you’ll love the feeling of showing off the life you’ve created.

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Maternity Photography in Boston

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your maternity perfectly, Mat Tam is an experienced professional who can ensure your cherished memories last. Service is friendly, unhurried and will result in maternity portraits that you’ll look back on fondly in years to come.

Mat will work with you to discover your ideas and personal taste, before developing a photography session that suits your needs.

When is the Best Time to Have my Bump photographed?

Ideally, you’ll want to plan your maternity photo session between the 29th and 35th week of pregnancy. This is about the time when your baby bump is really beginning to show, yet before it starts to become uncomfortable taking part in a photo shoot.

If you’re a new mother, you’ll soon discover that week’s 29 to 35 are when you’ll feel good about being pregnant, and all those cute maternity clothes will fit perfectly! Unfortunately, once you enter months 7 to 9, you might suffer from issues like water retention, heartburn and hormonal skin issues that’ll make you feel uncomfortable during a portrait session.

As with all photo sessions, Mat takes a relaxed attitude to maternity photo sessions. Taking it slow, and discovering exactly what you what to get out of your shoot is important, as is making sure you feel relaxed and happy. There are no fixed times for your session, and never any rush to complete quickly.

You also don’t have to settle on one style of portrait during your session. It’s always worth trying a few solo photos, shots from above and including your partner in the photograph too. Quite frequently, a mother might have a style in mind for her portrait, and leave with a completely different theme after being impressed.

The most important thing in any photoshoot, is to keep an open mind and have faith in your professional photographer.

About the Maternity Shoot Session

These sessions take place in your own home, where you’ll feel most comfortable. Photography equipment takes up space approximately 2 meters by 2 meters square, something to bear in mind if you live in a smaller home or apartment.

A common issue with maternity shots is discovering just how comfortable you feel baring all for the camera. Of course, Mat will ensure you feel no pressure during the shoot, and you should feel free to discuss exactly what you feel comfortable with.

As a rule, a variety of scarfs and wraps are brought along to help you stay covered, and as there are no time limits on the shoot, you can feel free to choose a different outfit if you’re not feeling comfortable.

Maternity Photograph Tips

As a professional maternity portrait photographer, it’s Mats job to ensure every mom looks her best during the shoot. Of course, no two moms are the same, and what might suit one will work for the other.

Thankfully, Mat has years of experience working with expectant mothers to create lovingly taken photographs.

1. Hands on Belly – This is a classic pose and essentially means the mother places her hands on her bump. This draws attention to the belly and makes it the focal point of the photograph, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

2. Additional Height – Sometimes, your photographer will want to stand on a ladder or stool to capture the shot from above. This works extremely well on maternity shoots, especially if both the mother and father are planning on taking part. Adding height to a maternity shot can really flatter the mothers figure and minimize other parts of her body that might have gotten bigger during the pregnancy.

3. Natural Poses – One of the most important things with maternity photography, is to keep them as natural as possible. Unlike family portraits, where you’ll have children involved, many maternity shots depict just mom, and her precious bump; weird angles and quirky ideas are also off the table.

4. Couples – If you plan on taking your maternity photographs as a couple, it’s really important to be close during the shoot. Nothing is more heart-warming than a young couple holding each other, pregnancy bump subtly showing itself through.

5. The Straight on Shot – Not all moms and not all bumps are big enough to pull off this shot; however, if you feel your bump is big enough to be captured straight on, Mat will oblige. The straight on shot is often one of the most striking you can take of an expectant mother.

6. Standing, rather than Sitting – It’s very true that standing is almost always a more flattering look for an expectant mother. That’s not to say sitting is never done during a maternity session; however, you’ll find your photographer has to work hard to keep the composition looking right.

7. Lying Down – This can be a very flattering pose as gravity irons out those lumps and bumps that have grown since your pregnancy started; however, it’s not for all mothers as lying down can be quite uncomfortable, especially for moms sporting larger bumps.

8. Silhouette – If you’re looking for a classic pose, capturing a silhouette can be a great way to create a timeless portrait. These portraits also have a habit or drawing attention to the bump and away from the mother – classy but not for everyone.

9. Fun with Shadows – A pregnancy bump, is the perfect canvas to cast shadows onto. A common theme is to cast the shadow of a “hand heart” onto the bump. These portraits can look classic and timeless, and your photographer can advise you on how to best capture the effect.

10. Holding Hands – A standard portrait, where the mother and father hold hands in the shot. A perfect photograph for newlyweds and couples who are having their first child.

Maternity Photography Locations

Many people believe that the location for a maternity shoot isn’t that important, after all, it’s the bump that really counts – doesn’t it.

Even so, the right location and setup can lend a portrait warmth, or a sense of grounding – especially if you have your session in a location special to you.

1. At Home – The most obvious choice, especially if you’ve bought a “forever home” and plan on bringing all your children up in it. Home is where the heart is, and that heart and warmth will always show through in your portrait.

2. In Nature – No, we don’t mean traveling to the Serengeti to take your portrait; however, even a shot taken at a local park can really make a portrait feel classic and natural. One of the great things about outside photography is that you can use the seasons to your advantage. Spring and Summer shoot mean lush green grass and fully-fledged trees, whilst the seasons of fall and winter can lend a crispness to your portrait.

You’ll also find that the season shown in the photo will take you straight back to that precise moment when viewing years later – that’s the power of subtle time cues in photography.

3. The Charles River – A very special area of Boston that makes for extremely natural looking shots. Water has long been associated with life, and that reference will never be lost in a timeless pregnancy photograph.


During pregnancy, a lot can change that redefines the way you think about your body. Mat completely understands this change in perception and has a range of tips and techniques to make you feel more comfortable during your session.

Sometimes, you might feel perfectly fine booking your session and showing your bump off to the world. Then, during your later pregnancy, you might begin to feel more privately about your bump.

The first thing to realize is this is perfectly normal and something professional photographers like Mat have dealt with before. Never feel bad for pausing a shoot because of your feel uncomfortable with a pose or state of undress, it’s part of the pregnancy portrait session rules and completely fine.

Mat always has a range of scarfs, wraps, tops, and fabrics to help you show as much (or as little) of your bump as you want to. You should never feel exposed during your shot, and Mat has the experience to find ways to capture the perfect pregnancy moment – without making you feel uncomfortable.

Feeling Beautiful

This is quite possibly the most important part of a maternity photograph. It’s for this reason booking your session for weeks 29 to 35 is a top tip!

Another top tip is to think about your clothing before the shoot and purchase a maternity outfit that makes you feel a beautiful mom to be. If you do find yourself worrying about your confidence for the session, perhaps take advantage of a spa day, and have your hair cut and styled just for the big day.

By taking care of you before session day, you’ll feel more confident and give your professional photographer everything they need to capture you looking your absolute best!

What Should I Wear?

Deciding what to wear on a daily basis can be a grind for an expectant mother, and once you add the fact that today is photo session day it can be a massively stressful experience! All expectant mothers want their pregnancy portrait to be beautiful and timeless, so it’s to be expected that what to wear is a huge factor.

The key thing to do whilst thinking about a maternity photography session is to plan. If you know what you want to wear on the big day, you’ll feel far less stressed – making for even more beautiful photographs!

1. A Belt – A belt is a great way to accessorize your outfit, without overpowering your look. It also helps to pull free flowing clothes inwards and really accentuate your beautiful baby bump.

There are two ways to wear a belt, the best is to place it across the top of your bump, just underneath your bosom. It’s this method that really helps to pull in clothing and create a form factor. The alternative is the standard belt placed across the waist – you’ll likely need to consider a chunkier belt at this location, and your results might vary.

If you do decide on a belt, try it before your shoot to make sure you feel happy with the look, don’t leave it until the big day to try it on.

2. Solid Color – When taking a maternity photo session, it’s the bump that matters – everything else is merely a way to present the bump in as flattering and beautiful way as possible. Solid colors, rather than patterns, help a bump to show through and serve as a great way to minimize those bumps you might not want to show off

If you do want to incorporate a little pattern into your portrait (and why wouldn’t you), then a great way to bring it in is to have your partner wear them instead. For solo shoots, it’s also a great idea to bring in some subtle accessories to break up the solid color and liven up your outfit.

3. Tight clothes – This is really an option for mothers who really want to show all their curves off during the shoot. If you want to go this route, a maternity babycon dress is a wonderful way to show off all your beautiful baby curves and accentuate your bump.

Of course, this style isn’t for everyone, and some mothers might not feel confident enough to pull it off. For those that can, however, it can make for beautiful pregnancy portraits that you’ll cherish for years to come.

4. Timeless fashion – One of the things to consider when looking for maternity photograph clothes, is the fact that you’ll be keeping the portrait for many years to come. Often, what’s in vogue right now will look horrifically dated in 20 years’ time.

To avoid this trap, it’s worth looking for timeless clothes with a simple look. A simple dress or even just a pair of cute, well-fitted jeans can often make for a maternity photography that will last the test of time.

You don’t have to go boring with your whole look though, chunky jewelry or accessorize can really make a look pop, without taking a chance on the portrait looking fresh in decades to come.

5. Chunky knits and Textures – All this talk of solid colors and timeless fashion can feel a bit boring for most expectant moms. This is why chunky knits and textures are an important part of this guide. A superior alternative to patterns, textures can add that extra dimension to your pregnancy session without accentuating the parts you’d rather not.

Chunky knits textured clothes and accessorize that match, make for an interesting outfit, without the drawbacks.

6. More Than One Outfit – Depending on your budget, it might be worth having two versions of your outfit. A more daring “out there” version of your outfit, with tighter clothing that shows off every beautiful bump, and a more casual version that covers more and makes you feel more comfortable.

As said before, the difference in perception from booking your maternity photography session and turning up on the day can be huge – thanks, hormones! Having a backup outfit can give you a way out if you’re feeling a little less daring on the day of your shoot.

Trust Your Photographer

If you’re looking at having your maternity photo session in the Boston area, then Mat is the experience professional you need. With a vast amount of experience, you can trust in Mat for get you the results you want, without making you feel uncomfortable.

Let your photographer tell you their ideas, and never be scared to let them try something interesting. A professional photographer is an artist, letting them capture your cherished moments in their own artistic way is often the perfect method to get a portrait you’ll fall in love with!

Booking a Pregnancy Portrait in Boston

If you’re thinking of booking a professional photographer to capture your bump, feel free to take a look at my Session Rates and also Contact Me to see how I can help.