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Great Brook Farm State Park | Family Portrait Photographer

Boston Family Portrait Photographer

Family Photography Boston • Great Brook Farm State Park, Carlisle

As a Boston portrait photographer, I have spent much time taking different sorts of photographs in different settings. What I enjoy capturing the most are images of the family dynamic, one of the most important facets of life. There are many Boston family photographers out there, but I feel I hold a certain passion for displaying the love between family members and not just a few pretty faces. There is something to be said about the way siblings interact with each other, and parents with the children, and I intend to showcase that with every photo I take.

The Kostanski family recently requested my services, and I happily agreed, eager to see their special dynamic. Family photography that Boston residents can look to for quality service is my goal, and I was able to deliver. We started with simple family portraits moving onto the traditional photos of the parents swinging their daughter between them as they took a quick stroll, followed by grassy shots of them all together. Then, I took it to the next step by having them pose as a family on a woody path in the forest. I allowed this to symbolize the long, yet beautiful, road of parenthood. Of course, a few pictures were taken of the children with each parent separately.

I then put my focus on the young children of the family. The older child had a few solo shots taken while playing in a lovely field of purple flowers which truly complemented her stunning, blonde hair. A few shots in the grass were taken of the baby in the family, simply being her innocent self and laughing as she watched butterflies float about. It was time for duo photos of the siblings; I captured many of the older child kissing the baby or simply resting together on a grassy patch. These photos captured the children being sweet to one another, showcasing the gentle nature of children.

What I have learned as a Boston portrait photographer is to include a few fun shots in the photo session, and for the Kostanski family this included a visit to a petting zoo! This would let the children’s imagination and curiosity run wild, picturing them in their natural state–always learning. There were a few shots of the playful family in descending height and some with the parents in the background while the children rested in the foreground; I particularly liked these shots because they were symbolic of the independent people these children would one day become.

I focused on the baby once again, taking a few traditional photos of the baby’s feet for a completed feel that rounded out the rest of the photos. These pictures displayed a sweet bond between mother and child as the mother gently held onto the child’s feet and legs. Finally, we took some action shots of the children running and playing with their parents.

Boston family photographers often leave out the emotion behind the shots, but I make sure my family photography Boston work is exceptional and unique in that way. Contact me at PHONE/EMAIL to schedule your photoshoot with me, and show the world the powerful love in your family.

Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-purple-flowers Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-baby Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-baby-smile Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-child hug-dad-Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-5 Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-group-photo Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-group-sitting-on-the-floor Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-board Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-eating Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-kissing Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-grass Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-group-kiss Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-running Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-throwing Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-feet Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-smile Great-Brook-Farm-best-Family-Portrait-Photo-Session-smiling-cute

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