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Boston Couples Photographer | Charles River

Boston Couples Photographer | Charles River, Boston MA

Boston Couples Photographer • Boston Portrait Photography

Relationships are all important, no matter what stage they are in. I believe that any relationship between two people, budding or established, is a definite milestone in your lives and deserves to be cherished and remembered just like any other important moment in time that you want to preserve. I have taken many couple pictures in my time as a photographer and enjoy capturing the special, close and loving bond between two people. As a Boston couple photographer, I specialize in memorializing moments all around our beautiful city. No matter what setting you should choose to hold your photo shoot, I make the best of your surroundings in a way that complements the obvious love between the two of you. Casual and easygoing, my goal is to make you feel like the two of you can be yourselves around me in order to capture the true essence of your precious bond.
I was given the special chance recently to photograph two wonderful people in a committed relationship with one another. We began in the early evening, which holds the most flattering, romantic lighting in which to take my photographs. Many of the photographs I took in the beginning were beautiful water shots in which I let the light play against the ripples and the sunlight flicker around and through the darkened silhouettes of my clients for a breathtaking effect.
In many of my shots, I use commonplace poses for photographing couples so that they feel streamlined and familiar. However, I do like to add in my own personal flair and perspectives so that your unique photo shoot truly feels like it is solely your own, standing out from the rest of the couple pictures out there. Of course, I give my clients the ability to help guide me in the direction they want to take, letting them give me their own suggestions for their poses for photographing couples so that their own touch is present in their cherished pictures.
Occasionally, I like to take flattering, candid shots that are not in a staged pose to clearly showcase the love and happiness you share together. Shots filtered between tree leaves, photos of you in tall grass exchanging quiet conversation and solid backdrops that draw attention to your smiles are my favorites. These candid shots often invoke the most emotion upon viewing, as you can truly see yourselves the way others see you when they look at your happy relationship.
I also enjoy taking action shots that are fun and casual such as I did in this shoot. Many photos were taken of the couple dancing, mid twirl, as well as playfully tossing a football between them. As the sun faded, the tone of the photos changed again while I took shots of them against the beautiful, dying light. I believe in taking timeless templates of photography and putting my own spin on them so that you get everything out of your photographs that you desire.
I would love to be the Boston couple photographer that you turn to in order to capture forever the flowering of your special relationship. You can contact me at phone/email and let me help you bring the magic of your love to tangible life.



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