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Family Photo Session at Menotomy Rocks Park Arlington

Arlington Family Photography

Arlington Family Photographer • Family photos at Menotomy Rocks Park

For many years I have pursued my passion as a family photographer. In my time, I have learned that the bond shared between family members is one of the most sacred forms of love on the planet. Unconditional, unwavering and true, there is nothing more precious than what I get to take part of for a living. For a while now I have solidified my reputation as a family photographer Arlington families turn to when they want to see that beautiful love memorialized forever on digital film.


I believe that children are the keystone to any family. They introduce innocence, joy and laughter to the family dynamic and always keep things interesting. It is for this reason that I enjoy including photos of children playing with their toys, running gleefully through the fields and just generally being who they are. I love to capture the curious expressions they often hold, as children are by far the most free and animated of the subjects I photograph.




Not only do I like seeing the children play independently, I enjoy getting on film the family playing with their children as well. Sparking curiosity and creativity in a child is so important, and showing off the parent’s playful nature around the child is just as serious to me. Along with playing, capturing the day-to-day, casual interaction between parent and child stands out to me as a priority as well, seeing as this is often the sort of interactions you will see naturally in the home. It is important to have photographs to remember private moments like this, as well.




When I can, I like to showcase each generation of the family who is able to be present. This helps to bring to life the importance of our ancestry and heritage; something the child can look back upon when they are older and remember where it is that they come from. Along with generational shots featuring the whole family, I like to stop and smell the proverbial roses and include solo shots of family members, too. Grabbing photos of individual members of the family holding the child is great as well because different parts of children’s personalities often show themselves with different family members and I like to capture the broad spectrum of the child’s mind and emotions.




The locations I choose for my photography shoots include a lot of outdoor locations such as a grassy pasture or a beautiful body of water. I think these provide the best backdrops and offer gorgeous natural lighting that simply cannot be duplicated by any other means.



These are some of the many reasons my family photographer Arlington clients choose me every time. If my style interests you and you would like to add family photos to the album that will be cherished forever, you can contact me at PHONE/EMAIL to set up a shoot today.



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Extended Family Portrait Session Bedford

Family Photography Bedford

Extended Family Photos North Shore Photographer

Through my many years as a photographer, I have become a family photographer Boston clients have grown to love. They recognize my work as masterful, wholesome and fun. I strive to deliver photos that are as beautiful as they are touching, making my photographs beloved keepsakes that can be cherished by the whole family for years to come. It is my belief that family is perhaps the most important thing in a person’s life, and capturing that on film is my greatest passion.


In order to truly tie in the family dynamic as one unique whole, I like to get together with my clients before the big day and discuss some of the finer details with them. Oftentimes, this includes the colors they will wear. I like for the colors to complement each other as it makes for stunning photos, and in some cases, I like the colors to match. Different shades of blues or greens or reds are versatile options. I will also choose a background and props that complement the color scheme, such as a grassy field or a nice warm blanket in similar colors.


With the colors selected, it is then time to perform my job and be the family photographer Boston families know and love. First, I enjoy taking group shots of the entire family together. This not only solidifies that family dynamic, but it allows me to capture in one or more shots, several generations of the same family which I find to be an extraordinary sight to behold. From there, I break the family into different segments. I will have the children photographed with grandmother and grandfather, or mother and father with their children, the siblings together, and so on.


I like to especially focus on the children, as they are often the light of the rest of the family’s life. Focusing on the older children first allows them to just be themselves in front of the camera without the watchful eye of the other family members. This is where we get their cheeky smiles and devious smirks; twinkles in their eyes or their toothy grins as they laugh and play. Then, we involve any younger children, such as infants, and let them do the same atop a soft blanket. I love capturing their innocent smiles mid-laugh or the way they curiously reach for the items in nature that are around them.


Finally, I let the children be photographed with their parents. Sometimes this means both children with both parents. Other times, I like to separate them and let each parent have a child, as a child’s relationship with one parent in particular will come out nicely. There is a special bond between father and child, as well as mother and child, and this is something unique that I try to capture on film.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to family photography, and I enjoy mixing and matching them all. If you have interest in my Boston family photography services, you can reach me by PHONE/EMAIL to discuss the details of your family portraits.

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Family Portrait Photography | Middleton MA

Extended Family Photography

Baby and Family Photography

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Extended Family Photography

Extended Family Portrait | Artesani Park, Boston

Large Group Family Photography • Boston Family Portrait Photographer  

I’m Mat, and I’m a Portrait Photographer that specializes in Family Photography, Children Portraits, Senior Portraits, Surprise Proposal and Engagement Photography. And I must say that all of them have their own unique and special magic. That’s the reason why I left Landscape Photography, which I was very passionate about, and turned into a Photographer that loves to be close to people in the happiest moments of their lives.
More than fifteen years of passion run through my veins when I talk about my own photography, and I still get that magnificent and inexplicable thrill, when shooting a family photography photo session like the Elena’s 80th Birthday. Family photography is something I enjoy doing both, outdoors and inside the comfy air of a house. The best reason I can give for my love for family portraits, is that for a short amount of time, I can share the intimacy of a warm family that want to leave a mark on their own timeline. I love to get involved in the ideas behind unique family photos, since I'm deeply passionate over photography. Planning is the key for great shoots, and extended family pictures are definitely no exception to this element.
I want to thank Elena and her family; not just for giving me the great opportunity to share with them a warm moment on a chilly weekend morning, but for their trust. The trust that all my clients put in my work, is something I value the most.
All families have their own history, and I feel hoisted into a great place when helping that family history, be preserved. I'm more than just a group portrait photographer when I'm surrounded by complete families, filled with second, third and even fourth generations in one special place. I really become a special guest, a special friend then being part of a Family Portrait like the ones Elena's family allowed me to do. I love to showcase my experiences with my clients, but I call them clients because of tradition. In a way, I'm a guest, an honorable guest invited to be part of a whole family's history.
The idea behind Elena’s 80th birthday was simple, but completely rewarding. The scene was a lovely woods by Charles River, and the only detail that reveals her Birthday, were two metallic balloons shaped in a cute and big number 80 with their golden figures and a sign with colored letters. After putting the balloons and the sign aside, the family became even closer than before. It was magical. I still remember when the whole family started to laugh together, and became joyful of the moment they were celebrating. They all showed their love for Elena, and I could see Elena's joy of watching her family getting along so happily. Elena was surrounded by her children and grandchildren, and she seemed so full of life, by being surrounded by her closest family members.
I just can't thank Elena, and all my clients enough, because they allow me, to be the one that preserves their History, and their Legacy, through my Passion and my Lens.


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Boston Family Portrait Photos | Arlington

Great Brook Farm State Park | Family Portrait Photographer

Outdoor Portrait Photographer | Waltham MA |

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