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Maternity Photos at Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation

Boston Maternity Portrait Session

Maternity Portrait Photography • Stoneham Middlesex Fells Reservation

Your pregnancy is a very intimate and personal time. It is also a time filled with immense love for your growing child–a love that knows no bounds or faults, even before the precious baby is born. I strive to provide maternity photography Boston mothers feel comfortable partaking in, and this is evidenced by my delicate pregnancy photos that make the mother feel at home.

I like to start this type of photo session by focusing on the mother by asking her beforehand to wear a stunning white dress of her choosing. Whatever she arrives in will be perfect, as the color white displays purity, and with this in mind, I hope to capture the purity of the love between mother and child. Then, I gently fasten a bow around her middle. This bow is the classic color blue, or the traditional color of pink, depending on the gender of the child. After a few shots of her with the bow, I opt to bring the father into the picture.

Before the shoot, I also ask him to wear a shirt that matches the gender of the baby, thus, the bow. In these introduction pictures, the couple is pictured holding up balloons in blue that say underneath them the gender of the child. In this case, the balloon says, “boy.” With a few pictures of the balloons under my belt, we move on to intimate pregnancy photos, ones that show the father bent down to carefully kiss the mother’s growing belly. This shows the father’s love for the child.

We resume with photos of the two of them together in the sunny, green forest. The natural beauty of their surroundings provides a stunning backdrop in which to take my photos. Often, as a Boston portrait photographer, I like to use natural, outdoor settings in a way that compliment the subjects of my photos. This way the setting does not detract from the family at hand. I add in a banner that the couple holds between them. The blue banner holds the happiest statement: It’s a boy! A few shots of them looking into the camera while holding the banner are followed by them gazing lovingly into each others eyes.

I do enjoy taking traditional shots as well. These include images of the mother-to-be gently caressing and holding onto her tummy with delight in her eyes as she conveys her thrill regarding the life inside of her. She is pictured on a grassy, sunlit path in the woods, and her smile is as bright as the sunshine around her.

Finally, I include a casual photograph of the happy couple together. No instructed posing goes into this shot. Instead, I simply let them be themselves and stand before me as the elated couple that they are, and their smiles truly speak one thousand words.

If you would like to partake in this maternity photography Boston mothers have grown to love, I am happy to oblige! Let me use my experience as a Boston portrait photographer to provide you with keepsakes you will look back on forever. Contact me at PHONE/EMAIL for more information.


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