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Unique Baby Gifts for a Special Newborn

Unique Baby Gifts for a Special Newborn:

Creative Toys, Gear, and Presents That are Perfect for New Babies  

When a new baby comes around in anyone’s circle of family and friends nowadays, the parents-to-be (and later, the newborn) are showered with gifts. The problem with the most common presents is not only their lack of meaning or individuality but also their short-term perspective. 

Clothes, towels, rattles, and run-of-the-mill stuffed animals are the tried and true typical gifts at baby showers, and of course, all of these things will come in handy for the baby’s first year. Other practical gifts and big-ticket items like cribs, car seats, strollers, and changing tables are also much appreciated. 

Suggestions for Creative Baby Gifts 

What about gifts that will stand the test of time? In order to give a gift that will be cherished and kept perhaps for the child’s entire life, look over this list of unique and creative gifts and take them into consideration for the next baby that comes along! 

Classic but Unique Gifts 

  • An actual antique toy for young children, such as a small old wooden rocking horse or small set of decorative wooden blocks (many of which had letters or small pictures carved into them – to spell a name or the alphabet) 
  • A small personalized quilt, either of traditional patchwork or more modern scenic quilting, with the child’s name embroidered or sewn into it – most likely to be used as a wall hanging 
  • A one-of-a-kind stuffed animal that is created especially for the newborn by the gift-givers, personalized with outfit or accessories chosen based on the family’s tastes or the character of the baby, can be made for a reasonable price at nearly any mall in a Build-A-Bear store
  • An on-location Newborn Photo Session by Mat Tam Photography.  Newborn Photography had long been used as a way to capture a newborn baby’s first few days of life.  But in recent years this tradition had become ever more popular.  
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Mat Tam Photography

Modern or Sporty Baby Gifts 

  • If the family enjoys biking, consider consulting with them on the purchase of a towing trailer unit for babies, who can ride in a small enclosed seat that is hitched to a bike and pulled along behind 
  • For hikers, there are special hiking baby carriers that allow for comfortable climbing with the baby safely strapped to a parent – many even come with sun shades and pouches for extra packing space 
  • Digital photo frames can be used to display a variety of baby pictures in any room of the house, without dragging out an album or flipping through them, and they can be updated with new sets of digital pictures as the baby grows up 
  • Books, puzzles, and other traditional baby gifts get a modern twist with personalized stories and pictures of the new baby, with the child’s name and/or photo as the focus, and can be perfect for young babies 

Thrifty Baby Gifts 

  • Opening or contributing to a 529 (a special college savings account) in the child’s name is a gift that will keep on giving – all the way until it’s time to pay for college! This is also a great gift to give as a group, as savings add up with interest over time 
  • Savings bonds make practical, financially-sound gifts, as they typically earn more interest than standard bank savings and also help the economy 
  • Home-made crafts and gifts that utilize the gift-givers special talents will not only be less expensive but also more personalized than most gifts. Ideas include scrapbooks, decoupaged photo frames, crib quilts, a carved toy chest, or a painting – people with these skills can make cheap but very special gifts 
  • Buy some stock of a company and request paper stock.  Get it framed and it is an appreciating gift that lasts a lifetime.

The next time a baby shower calls for a unique or creative gift, try using a suggestion from above. Parents will know that extra thought and care went into the selection of the gift, and they will be grateful not to have just another item that will soon be forgotten or discarded.