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Acorn Street Proposal



Best time of the day to propose at Acorn Street?

▸ Acorn Street Proposal morning hours and midday are best, with the most sunlight.
▸ Avoid sunset proposal at Acorn Street, as it gets dark quickly.

How crowded is Acorn Street and is it a problem?

▸ Acorn Street is a very popular street!  One of the most photographed streets in Boston. 
▸ There can be anywhere from 0 – 100 people on this tiny street.  But that does not prevent your wedding proposal from being successful!  Planning and communication are key in these situations.  Tourists come in waves, we need to be patient and wait for the right moment to walk up Acorn Street to our planned spot.
▸ In most crowded situations, people will always get out of the way for your proposal.

Why propose on Acorn Street?

 Acorn Street is beautiful, timeless, cozy, a perfect setting for your wedding proposal. 
 If you are looking for an old Boston Charm for your proposal photo, this is it!
▸  A proposal photo at Acorn Street feels like it takes you back in time.  Back when colonist first settled into Boston.
▸  Traveling to Boston for a weekend?  This is the location that does not need a caption.  A proposal at Acorn Street = classic.

Fun History of Acorn Street?

▸ It was home to coachmen employed by families in Mt. Vernon and Chestnut Street mansions.
▸ Located in Beacon Hill, the neighborhood name is from former beacon atop the highest point in central Boston.  The beacon was used to warn the residents of an invasion. Source = wiki

Why should I hire you for a surprise proposal on Acorn Street?

▸ Mat will put you at ease with your planning and will be there with you every step of the way.
▸ With Mat’s experience of shooting proposals on Acorn Street, things will be sure to go as smooth as it can be.


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