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Fan Pier Park Wedding Proposal


Best time of the day to propose at Fan Pier Park?

▸ The best time to propose at Fan Pier Park is about an hour before sunset.
▸ The sun will set behind the buildings, and as the sun just dips below the buildings it will create an orange glow.

How crowded is Seaport Fan Pier Park and is it a problem?

▸ Boston Seaport Fan Pier Park is always a popular spot for visitors, but it never gets crowded.  As the area is pretty large and there aren’t too many attractions to keep people stationed. 
▸ When planning a wedding proposal at this location it is important to be aware of the surroundings. There will always be people walking along the Fan Pier Park, it is our goal to have a proposal photo clear of people. Waiting for the right moment to propose can significantly improve the photos.

Why propose at Boston Seaport Fan Pier Park?

▸  This Park is located at Boston Seaport district provides a beautiful Boston skyline background for a proposal.
▸  Boston Seaport area has a lot of great restaurants options for your post proposal celebration.
▸  Stunning views!

Fun history of Seaport district?

▸  Not long ago it used to be just a huge parking lot. Almost none of the space were developed.
▸  This location used to be a major port where ships would load their cargo onto trains. The train tracks will fan out to its docks, hence the name Fan Pier Park.

Why should I hire you for a surprise proposal on Fan Pier Park?

▸  Details. There are a lot of small details that go into capturing a successful proposal photo session. Hire someone who has a high track record of capturing successful wedding proposal at this location.
▸  Give Mat a call and decide if he is someone you would like to work with.


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