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Boston Public Garden Proposal


Best time of the day for Boston Public Garden Proposal?

▸ There aren’t any wrong time to propose here.  There’s always sunlight from dawn to dusk.
▸ Afternoon sunlight might be more flattering here.

How crowded is the Boston Public Garden and is it a problem?

Boston Public Garden is always busy, especially on a beautiful warm summer weekend. But it doesn’t mean it will be a problem for us.  The park is huge and we can always find a quiet spot to take photos. 
▸ There is a lake in the middle of the park, we will most often use that as part of our background to eliminate most of the people in the background.
▸ Proposing in Boston Public Garden is a great idea and should not be discouraged by the crowd.

Why propose at Boston Public Garden?

 Established in 1837, Boston Public Garden was the first public botanical garden in America. 
 This iconic park has some of the best scenes in Boston for a proposal. The swan boats, the bridge, Boston skyline and plenty of willow trees.

What is the difference between Boston Public Garden vs Boston Common?

▸ There are two sides to the park which is separated by Charles Street. The side closer to Newbury Street is Boston Public Garden.  The side closer to downtown Boston is Boston Common.
▸ If you are thinking about doing a Boston Commons Proposal, the historic Boston Common frog pond ice skating rink is a good spot for proposals.  Especially if it is a Boston winter proposal with their proposal package on the ice skating rink.
▸ Boston Public Garden is much more manicured with the pond and bridge in the middle.  This is where most of the wedding proposal happens.

What are the best spots to propose at Boston Public Garden?

▸ Around the pond.  There are a few spots around the pond that I normally like to use for a proposal.  This puts the iconic Lagoon Bridge as the background of the photo.  This also ensures that no one will be in the background of your photos.
▸ On the Lagoon Bridge itself.  However, this bridge does get very busy during the day.  It is only recommended for either early morning hours, weekdays, late evening hours.


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