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Which Knee Do You Kneel On When Proposing?



Which Knee Do You Kneel On When Proposing?

When planning the finer details of proposing, you may eventually wonder which knee you kneel on.

Of course, you don’t have to bend the knee to propose at all. But if you’re participating in this tradition, why not get it right down to the last detail? Could you even consider a certain knee part of tradition? Here’s a leg up on kneeling to propose.


The Left Knee Tradition

Believe it or not, some sources insist that the left knee is the correct knee to kneel on when proposing. In fact, these etiquette experts take it further by dictating which hands should do what as well.

Traditionalists specifically state that you bend your left leg until your knee is on the floor, with your right knee up in front of you. Make sure you’re holding the ring box in your left hand, and open it with your right hand. Now you can pop the question.

Why is this the traditionally correct way? It is said to be the way knights would kneel, and this method is the proper way to show respect, deference, surrender.


Making a Case for Your Right Leg

Does the idea of proposing make you weak in the knees? If so, maybe you should consider kneeling on your right knee to propose.

More than 70 percent of the population is right-handed. In many cases, that means their entire right side is dominant and therefore stronger. It just may be that kneeling on your right knee would give you a more stable base.


Which Knee Do You Kneel On When Proposing? The Bottom Line

So, is choosing a particular knee to kneel on overthinking matters, or is there a correct way to do it? In summary:

  • Traditionalists say you should kneel on the left knee, like a proper knight.
  • Most people are right side-dominant, so using your right leg might be more reliable.
  • Studies and surveys on kneeling to propose universally ignore which knee hits the ground.
  • Your partner probably won’t notice which knee you use. Surveys indicate they just want you to get to the question.


Ultimately, you have more important things to worry about. Where will you propose? Who will capture the moment? Is this the right ring? Unless your partner has an incredible fixation on their “knight in shining armor” they likely won’t care one bit about which knee you use.


In the end, the right knee to kneel on when proposing is the one you choose.



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